2004-03-16 18:55:51 ET

I had a dream last night/this morning

It started out with me at work looking in the mini fridge we keep in the back. The fridge usually contains a plethora of various food stuffs (i.e. a shitload of chocolate silk and riblets...mmm riblets). I have to clean it out everytime we get an order of pet grass (no it does not make cats stoned). By clean I mean reorginize until the 12 pet grass' fit. But I am looking in it and it is clean and filled with pet grass and one dog food sausage. I keep wondering who the fuck cleaned out the fridge?!? They I walk into the main room where I strike up a convo with one of my co-workers only to be interupted by two of our friends. (Okay, one of our friends. The other one is off her fucking rocker.) They both appear to be very drunk. All of a sudden I am at seaside (my old old highschool) Running from very hot, white(glowey white), zombies. I know that they will hurt me if I am caught, but I am not sure how. I am running from and eventually fighting the zombies. One catches me says something and lunges. I awake. It's 4 o'clock in the morning exactly. I am very paranoid and groggy. Wondering if they will come back for me. I cover my head with the blanket. return to sleep.

2004-03-16 19:08:07 ET

oh dear! Why must my friends be plauged with zombie dreams?
oh: and what is pet grass?

2004-03-16 19:11:15 ET

cats and dogs eat it when they are sick...some just like the taste...
although I am tempted to market it like pet rocks

2004-03-16 19:14:40 ET

to me it sounded more like an actual pet than anything else, like my pet shoe-horn

2004-03-16 19:17:40 ET


2004-03-17 07:49:53 ET

Hot as in, high in temperature?

Or hot as in sexy?

2004-03-17 09:46:01 ET

*froud voice* and do you hate you mother?

2004-03-17 10:51:11 ET

sexy hot

2004-03-19 11:17:25 ET

In which case, I approve whole-heartedly.

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