check it out
2004-03-23 21:54:28 ET

what does one make of a bruise like this?

2004-03-23 21:56:17 ET


2004-03-23 22:08:49 ET

seat belt?

2004-03-23 23:28:00 ET

Hot sex

2004-03-24 02:54:22 ET

whoa thats a cool one

2004-03-24 04:58:02 ET


V for Victory!

2004-03-24 06:53:29 ET

I like the first three comments...just the right combination to be funny!

I'd say you got some nice muscles!

2004-03-24 10:09:54 ET

The suspense is killing me...

I hope it lasts.

2004-03-24 11:01:25 ET

those pics don't nearly show nearly how rad that bruise realy is

2004-03-24 11:58:33 ET

my brother made on like that on me when he pinched me on st. patty's day.

2004-03-24 13:06:39 ET

I dunno what it is from....I was asking you guys....I am guessing couch...we couldn't really get a good picture julkes my moms digi cam is kinda lamerific...

2004-03-24 13:07:11 ET

man do I WISH it was from hot sex, my friend thinks I should get it tattooed on

2004-03-27 13:49:37 ET

walk into a door sideways?

2004-03-27 19:45:41 ET

it would have to have been in her sleep, but I wouldn't put it past her

2004-03-27 21:35:24 ET


2004-03-28 07:40:06 ET

walking into a door sideways in my sleep?
what are you saying jules....?

2004-03-28 10:51:07 ET

that you things..I realy don't know...I just talk sometimes (or type rather)

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