2004-03-26 15:17:07 ET

women do not have to register for the draft correct?
and then in response women are not drafted by law, right?
(my insane co-worker....long story.....)

2004-03-26 15:45:16 ET

There is no draft. The program that you are referring to is called "selective services".


And specifically, http://www.sss.gov/FSwho.htm answers your question.

2004-03-26 16:05:20 ET

thank you!

2004-03-26 17:06:58 ET

A Million woman sighned a relief that Susan B Anthony didn't fight for equal rights in military

2004-03-26 17:09:01 ET

woah, that guy up on the right is kinda creeping me out

2004-03-27 11:28:45 ET

i noticed he was odd as well

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