2004-03-27 18:42:10 ET

my father has decided that this is one very dangerous piercing, and I need help proving him wrong. I have been searching the web for some good hardcore info on the daith and since it is a less popular piercing I am having some trouble. obviously I have looked at tribalectic and bme, so come on.
any way......pleeeeeaaaaaaseeeee help!

2004-03-27 18:49:02 ET

Besides the facts you obviously found, you can tell him Daith comes from a Hebrew word meaning Wisdom....

...other than that, it's all pictures and stories about how everyone loves them

2004-03-27 18:51:15 ET

I don't even know what that one is.

2004-03-27 18:52:07 ET

The inner piercing

2004-03-27 19:14:46 ET

ohh. I had a tragus (sp?). that hurt a lot, I bet that the daith would too.

2004-03-27 19:30:23 ET

well.....never fucking mind, he won't even consider. my mom did a ton of reasearch too and decided that it seemed fine, but oh no! he always must be right, about everything!
thanks anyway nate (by the way, thats a rook)

2004-03-27 19:34:55 ET

Whoops......I suck at piercings....I saw a diagram....I knew I should've used that picture instead of guessing...oh well.

Sorry las, but give it a few months and you get to reconsider on your own accord

2004-03-28 01:51:14 ET

that persons ear, just doesn't look right to me !

2004-03-28 06:42:09 ET

Yeah...I think it's the lack of an ear canal

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