if I could....
2004-04-01 11:20:44 ET

would I take it all back?
would it really change this?
no and no, so stop wondering and swallow that life destroying tablet, take it like a woman, take it like a champ.
sorry, extreme obscurity took me for a ride

2004-04-01 12:06:29 ET

oh camille!

you can be so emo-dramatic sometimes....I hope I'm not rubbing off on you....

2004-04-01 12:30:41 ET

"take your beating like a man, woman!"

2004-04-01 13:06:21 ET

you know what, I am so sick of all this emoizing of everything, people were emotional before emo, emo is bullshit (by the way hon, this is not directed at you)
I am sick of "emo"

2004-04-01 14:54:05 ET

hahahahaha you know I was just fucking with you....

2004-04-01 17:02:48 ET

I know, but seriously i am sick of emo, it's the buzzword i can't stand to hear anymore

2004-04-01 19:25:10 ET

betcha hate me now dont ya? <3

2004-04-02 07:33:14 ET

You EEMO'd a couple of times there...

2004-04-02 13:13:07 ET

I control what is on this site!!

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