2004-04-09 12:36:25 ET

so I want to kill my co-worker, she's not bitchy or anything.
Kinda uneducated and really fucking annoying. She has a high squeeky voice and is full of shit. She tells stories about her boring-ho-hum-kinda-creepy life constantly. Ugh.
someone seriously..
thats it
this is an official hit on her, maybe now she'll have some interesting stories to tell......
man...anything other than her dumb cat...
I have a lot of stuff to do. and no tiiiime.

2004-04-09 13:20:44 ET

ugh theres a lady like that who works at the coffee shop i frequent. i want to kill her.

2004-04-09 13:31:06 ET

just hit her over the head witha frying pan. or 'accidently' spill hot coffee on her.

2004-04-09 13:34:54 ET

Sounds like you need to have her over for dinner sometime. Except without the "over".

2004-04-09 14:12:43 ET

haha, yes....oh! jules!
hey...I might come by tomorrow, b/c if my car goes without music for much longer...I may actually kill someone..

2004-04-09 15:23:35 ET

I'll be here

2004-04-10 09:32:49 ET

yes!....I will call you........

2004-04-10 09:38:54 ET

ya know, my phone don't work all good here. well you can always use the land line

2004-04-10 11:03:12 ET

yes...i will

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