dear god...why?
2004-05-04 18:32:02 ET

my sister just came in to tell me that
"mom is outside. 'watching a bush grow'"
she is such a hippy

2004-05-04 18:54:28 ET

That IS pretty hippy.

2004-05-04 20:48:52 ET

can't say I haven't done it...wait yes I can, damn.

2004-05-04 21:03:25 ET

you are not as hippy as my mom jules.....I know it's hard to believe...but it is true

2004-05-04 21:16:47 ET

the last plant that i owned, i knocked it over while vacuuming and killed it.

2004-05-04 21:33:54 ET

I should get a plant. I was looking at bonsai trees at some "new age" store the other day. The guy in the store was saying that bonsai trees can be any sort of small tree, but most people get Elms because of Karate Kid.

2004-05-05 06:37:30 ET

bush related comment. my friend goes "i'm kind of glad bush jr got elected president." me "why?" him "because when i was little bush;s dad was pres and older kids would go 'wanna meet the president? and push my into a bush', and now i get to do that to a new bunch of unsuspecting kids"

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