2004-05-04 21:15:02 ET

Gonzo Physicist (11:08:07 PM): why is string so fun to play with?
bettieworshiper (11:08:15 PM): i dunno
bettieworshiper (11:08:19 PM): b/c you are a cat?
Gonzo Physicist (11:08:27 PM): oh dear god I AM a cat!
bettieworshiper (11:08:34 PM): yes you are

see this for reference

2004-05-04 21:16:15 ET

strings...string theory...all the same in physics land.

2004-05-04 21:32:12 ET

string theory came to mind, too


2004-05-04 21:33:17 ET

we are dorks of the same ilk! :B:B

2004-05-04 21:37:33 ET

oh dear...

2004-05-06 11:12:19 ET

i just thought of the thing you do with your fingers and string to make a web...cat's cradle?

2004-05-06 12:12:33 ET

yep, I used to be damn good at that

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