so yesterday..
2004-05-12 17:11:09 ET

on the way to work my car starts making a funny knocking noise (it's had a massive oil leak up until now.. I have kept tabs on it and kept filling it up spending a shit load on oil). It's going okay until i get to the high way and *BLAM* the mother fucker makes an exploding noise..

I call my boss, let her know what is going on.. and wait... a silver truck pulls up and the clueless guy tries to figure out what is up...he has no idea..he gives me a ride into town... I call my mom...let her know what heppened...
this whole time I am worrying about whether or not the CHP will pick up my car when I am at work...
I call a tow company....the truck driver tells me that for my sake i should go with another i call the other mom and i go to meet the truck driver

my car is gone...
fuck again

so today we go to talk to a mechanic and he tells me he thinks my engine blew and that I should junk the car..
so I go to the tow yard and wait for the driver to get back..he doesn't
I go to work
I wait

I get a call about the car...will finish this later...I am being kicked off of the dsl

UPDATE!!!!!!!- i am going to pay the tow yard to take it I am hunting for a new/old car...the hunt is going well so far

2004-05-12 17:18:33 ET

doesn't sound to positive for your car's future. How old is it/how many miles?

2004-05-12 17:37:11 ET

your avatar looks so sexual on the front page.

2004-05-12 17:41:52 ET

eee thats what im scared about driving.. plus id be a horrible driver since i get distracted easily and i would have fun then crash and fly into the air

2004-05-12 18:51:19 ET

jackie- hahaha...unfortunatly...I am too..

penguin- it does?

geek- 1990 and 128 thousand

2004-05-12 19:02:00 ET

your flying right now?

2004-05-12 19:07:57 ET

no...short...attention span and easily distracted...wish i was flying....

2004-05-12 19:18:46 ET

ooo man yea! ..hmm do you get lost easily? at coachella every few minutes i was lost.. i just sat there with a sad face. im suc a fucking puppy or soemthing

2004-05-12 19:21:51 ET coachella we got lost alot!

2004-05-12 19:41:48 ET

i wanted like half ...or more of those people out of there!

i got nervous haha

2004-05-12 19:42:49 ET

they were intimidating

2004-05-12 19:48:36 ET

i wanted to meet people cause normally at shows i just talk randomly...but everyone seemed so mean! i found some people to talk to but they were oh-so-too-cool and it was horrible! too bright eye kids.. GRR

2004-05-12 19:50:00 ET

hahaha...bright eyes kids you should normally stay far far away from...we should have made better plans to meet and you could have hung out with us...did you go alone?

2004-05-12 19:56:04 ET

i went with a lot of people but i get lost really fast.. like we had a huge group of maybe 40? and it was fun when we were together but alas i suck. man that would have been rad if we meet up.. go and dance and such!

2004-05-12 19:59:33 ET

word...we should time? or something?

2004-05-12 20:00:22 ET


2004-05-12 20:01:47 ET


2004-05-12 20:05:11 ET

do you like interpol or muse at all?!! i want to go sooo bad. its 8/27 in l.a.

we should make a group meeting and dance

2004-05-12 20:06:48 ET

yea...I heard about that actually... I like muse alright

2004-05-12 20:15:34 ET

lets make a big date then...gasp we should make jules come too! weee!

2004-05-12 20:37:19 ET


2004-05-12 20:50:15 ET

party time.. we need to bring michael jackson and have a big dance party.. oh man!

his music of course..silly

2004-05-12 20:56:38 ET scared me for a sec there

2004-05-12 20:58:08 ET

come on can you not want to party with him.. itll be an experience of a life time..!!

2004-05-12 20:59:36 ET

an experience that therapy would take years to erase

2004-05-12 21:03:30 ET

terror ..shock.. as you grind with jacko


2004-05-12 21:11:22 ET


2004-05-12 21:36:47 ET

that car you showed me looks good and it's a Volvo so it gets my endorsment but a better look at it is due

2004-05-12 21:42:08 ET

yet not THAT scary.. psst over doing that scream a it to much man. pussy :)

2004-05-13 05:42:40 ET

jules- niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice

jackie- what?

2004-05-13 15:07:05 ET

im not sure ha

2004-05-13 18:10:11 ET

okay then

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