i tried....
2004-05-12 19:31:46 ET

but alas I would not fit

2004-05-12 19:36:48 ET


now you need a ghetto name in this crew yo

2004-05-12 19:39:38 ET

a ghetto name?

2004-05-12 19:43:10 ET

shit yea!

yay there are 4 people in this crew now.. im so proud!

2004-05-12 19:43:52 ET

who besides jules and you?

edit-and why not just the hot hot drizyer crew?

2004-05-12 19:44:40 ET

shadowplay87 that sucka!

2004-05-12 19:45:22 ET


2004-05-12 19:45:42 ET

hahah what the fuck thats awesome!! we have to expand this idea

2004-05-12 19:48:22 ET

yea we do!!
we can get more people in on it!!

2004-05-12 19:49:46 ET

Yeah, and I will when I get my batteries for my camera...till then I can just laugh at myself from that last time I tried to get in -__-.

2004-05-12 19:50:59 ET


2004-05-12 19:52:46 ET

haha you tried it already?! just for the fuck of it jumped in to geta good feel? hahha weeee aw i love you lolly!

i call you lolly since its like lollipop is that alright since im not even sure..err.. yes!

2004-05-12 19:54:06 ET

jackie you are an awesome fucking spaz

2004-05-12 19:55:08 ET

now your avatar looks even more sexual. like goatse

2004-05-12 19:58:14 ET

i have fun with this man! for some reason i never stop smiling and when i smile i feel like im on cloud 9 but no sex kinda cloud 9..isnt that what it means? i dont know but it triggers this part in my brain to be really happy and then i jump around in happines.. ha..um

2004-05-12 20:01:04 ET

whoa.....cloud 9 is a sex thing?
mmm....i miss that....erm..............wha

2004-05-12 20:01:33 ET

no, but something coming out of a giant hole is.

2004-05-12 20:03:16 ET

oh....huh...yea....i wasn't looking at it like that....

2004-05-12 20:04:20 ET

isnt it!!! maybe i was taught wrongly.. those fuckers!

2004-05-12 20:10:40 ET

haha yeah, i tried it and it was fun, but i just need to do it and take a pic now. whenever i get the batteries. and i got lollirot from a jack off jill song, but yeah, it's like lollipop too...soo weee. You're awesome too! You get all giddy about shit like me. I think it's fun getting all hyper and cloud 9ish. And I think cloud 9 can be either sexual as in orgasm or just really happy. Depends on how you look at it.

2004-05-12 20:21:10 ET

hhaa i feel bad for not knowing your name..everyone knows mine since well..its the first thing i ever wrote for this thng..kinda. what is your name then.. same with you miss bettie

i feel so bad!! damn me

2004-05-12 20:24:15 ET

my name is monique...or my friends usually call me Moni. So call me whatever. I'm bad at names, so it's good that your name is right in your sn. I won't forget that way lol.

2004-05-12 20:31:15 ET

Lol... ok that's just cute.

2004-05-12 20:35:40 ET

i know man i thought that was soo cute too! damn her...

can i call you lolli?

2004-05-12 20:39:50 ET

i'm camille...although you can call me coco,...no one does

2004-05-12 20:44:15 ET

ooh camille is a kewl name. i like it. and yeah, of course you can call me lolli..especially if you tend to forget names like me. i don't mind.

2004-05-12 20:49:44 ET

no one you say.. are you calling me no one COCO?!

2004-05-12 20:50:31 ET


2004-05-12 20:52:51 ET

coco loco is actually a club in mexico. hehehe

2004-05-12 20:55:17 ET

party time

2004-05-12 20:56:41 ET

haha that's right. actually it's pretty seedy. i wouldn't go there. i've heard stories about what goes on there and ewww

2004-05-12 20:58:02 ET

I am NOW!!!

2004-05-12 21:05:11 ET

your seedy now...
whatever that means ahha

2004-05-12 21:06:24 ET

lol. it means low class kinda...or something. i dunno. woohoo i'm a lowclass flooze. wait...that doesn't sound good at all. hahah XD

2004-05-12 21:07:04 ET

hahah what the fuck man!! you have made less and less sense lately haha.. i love it!

2004-05-12 21:08:56 ET

I told you I don't usually make sense ahaha. The randomness is good. the random brigade. weeeeeee!

2004-05-12 21:25:19 ET

welcome to the crew Camille!

2004-05-12 21:39:42 ET

she needs a nickname!

2004-05-12 21:42:14 ET

hmm..give me some drier term and let's see if one suits her

2004-05-12 21:43:13 ET

lent ball?

2004-05-12 21:44:37 ET

I thought that was our mascot/spokes-thing

2004-05-12 21:45:36 ET

hahah oh shit yea with the eyes that move.. err hah wha

2004-05-12 21:46:59 ET

and the rapping, can't forget the rapping

2004-05-12 21:47:54 ET

dude he/she/ its rapping too?!

my god.. we're too fucking cool

2004-05-12 21:48:43 ET

you came up with that part

2004-05-12 21:51:00 ET

and i forgot haha

2004-05-12 21:56:47 ET

how about Fluff Cycle?

2004-05-12 21:59:06 ET

not fitting is just one of many reasons why it's not a good idea to climb into one of those things.

2004-05-12 21:59:47 ET

is she.. fluffy?

2004-05-12 22:09:00 ET


2004-05-13 15:10:36 ET

but analog i fit in it.. kinda tight but i felt perfecto


2004-05-13 15:30:59 ET

Yeah, it's kinda weird to get into them, but it's fun.

2004-05-13 17:43:01 ET

I bet you'd fit if you cut off your butt. The other day, I tried to fit into a plastic children's castle. Everything but my ass fit. So it was a plastic castle with a big old booty popping out the roof. :-\

2004-05-13 17:57:22 ET


2004-05-13 18:11:18 ET


2004-05-13 20:25:09 ET

i have no butt

when i get to this playground with the little kids i hit my head when i tried going down the slide.. the kids laughed as i fell to the ground once the slide was done with.

2004-05-13 21:00:20 ET

yeay: non-asses!

2004-05-13 21:09:14 ET

no way jules.. YOU DONT HAVE AN ASS EITHER?!

your just perfect now..

2004-05-13 21:12:46 ET

...waow...a non-ass compliment, I wasn't sure they existed. thank you

2004-05-13 21:16:39 ET

haha no problem?

i have this male model teacher and he sticks his ass out like hes posing all the time...it makes me laugh and want to slap it or something. weird

2004-05-13 21:18:36 ET

you should, just use a rubber fish or something
it would be more funny

2004-05-13 21:25:09 ET

like say he got in the way of my fish?

2004-05-14 03:26:29 ET

i went on this date with a girl named angelique this last march, her sister worked for an industrial cleaner downtown. it happened to be right by the coffeehouse we went to after dinner, so she dragged me in there and we were just walking through and we came to these HUGE dryers the door was like at least 5-feet wide and there these huge sheets of dry cloth inside all bunched up, she dragged me in, closed the door, and we proceeded to makeout in the ginormous dryer. she was cool. but she moved to LA the next week... =(

2004-05-14 05:46:37 ET


2004-05-14 18:27:18 ET

Yeah, that'd be awesome. Isn't there a list already of weird places people have made out or had sex?

2004-05-15 02:36:21 ET

How about a ginormous make-out session in a normal dryer?

2004-05-15 14:18:15 ET

this can work

2004-05-16 05:58:37 ET

a little tight for a guy like me who is 6'4" and wears a size 15 shoe.

but hey Rix, come to portland and I'd be happy to ablige.

2004-05-16 08:16:56 ET

wow-we golly

2004-05-16 18:15:31 ET

thats a fun word.


2004-05-17 16:05:28 ET

man i wish we were in the 50's still.. those were the true words/phases

or something like that

2004-05-17 16:13:01 ET

yeah i know. gee golly you guys :P

2004-05-17 16:20:06 ET

thats swell!

2004-05-17 16:44:21 ET

NEATO GUYS! the rat pack gang

2004-05-17 16:47:47 ET

yeah, we got it made in the shade.

2004-05-18 06:17:41 ET

fo shizzle my nizzle

2004-05-18 07:20:47 ET

you sass that we're just a bunch of hooopy froods here

2004-05-18 17:55:50 ET

gee jolly jules i seem to not have a clue what you just said.. oh good heavens eh?

2004-05-18 18:01:56 ET

just using the slang I'm familiar with

2004-05-18 18:06:18 ET

i went to this park where there was a bunch of drunk punkers and they had so many ways of saying drunk. i felt bad since i was curious what they were saying and since im not really friends with them since they're assholes they acted like whoa shit your not cool that you dont know that this means drunk..

kill the punks not the music

2004-05-18 18:16:58 ET

lol yeah. i hate the ones that are all snotty cuz they think they're sooo much more punk than everyone else.

2004-05-18 18:28:05 ET

ack there is this punk band at my school who are a bunch of dicks yet their band is actually really popluar.. Carrer Soldiers.. people i talk to who live in northern california and nevada and such know them and like them..its weird

but these guys are too cool for their own good. grr 2 of the them were at the park..they drive suvs and lux.. i cant spell it er but they are rich little boys and have all the punk gear tons of clothes but i think they dirt it up and cut it..

2004-05-18 18:36:12 ET

Aww man that's gay. Don't worry...they're prolly not known over here. hehee. That sux though if they're little rich guys...i thought punk was also about rebelling against society and whatnot. But they're just rich guys exploiting. or at least that's what it seems like. i could be wrong.

2004-05-18 19:14:33 ET

its scary because their actaully good at this punk rock music.. i mean compared to all this new *punk* lately ... wel i have no idea anymore. i saw them play before a global threat and the band after them sonded like anyother band.. hmm.. i shouldnt have an opinin anymore but they scream and all that shit but when i see them they are so isolated and too cool to talk to anyone whos not punk. weird.

2004-05-18 19:27:58 ET

yeah, it's kewl if their music is good...but still it sux about their attitude.

2004-05-18 20:10:24 ET

i need to throw a beer bottle at their faces

2004-05-18 20:19:58 ET

and that is why punk culture is dying

(haha....pun intended)

2004-05-18 20:22:48 ET

hahaha yeah. X_x

2004-05-18 20:29:37 ET

im not sure what punks are anymore. im in denial

2004-05-18 20:30:20 ET

lol. there are hardly any true punks anymore...now it's mostly just little brainwashed losers who think there's only one true mold for punk or for anything. so the confusion makes sense.

2004-05-18 20:32:27 ET

were there ever really? once it became known.. everyone tried it on for size.. boo

2004-05-18 20:35:02 ET

well back in the day it was a political thing and people had a purpose for doing it. it's now that it's become popular that people are just trying it on...but that prolly did happen back then, just not as much as it happens now.

2004-05-18 20:41:19 ET

i had a stage when i was in 8th grade just a few years ago with the punk ordeal.. i didnt last long but i hung out with only little punkers .. it was weird.

2004-05-18 20:44:55 ET

oh..well i dress however. but my style is mostly gothish/punish, but yet i hang out with different people...so i guess that's good. like one of my best friends looks like avril, but dresses normally, my other friends some dress normal, some are jockish, and some dress in black. I dunno...just a bunch of different people. i've never hung out only with a specific group of people.

2004-05-18 20:51:13 ET

i dress super randomly.. i love colors.. but its weird i meet people this year that classify me as punk and im like whoaaaaaaaaa. i think people are silly.

2004-05-18 20:52:15 ET

well maybe to them you really are. do you classify yourself?

2004-05-18 20:55:54 ET

i classify myself out of my mind.. a teenagers mind spilled out on colors.. if you saw me everyday..youll understand

2004-05-18 20:57:27 ET

lol i bet. but that's good to be different. i don't like such black and white classifications. everything has a grey area...or colorful in your case! XD

2004-05-18 21:00:52 ET

why is there so much black blue and grey lately? its all i see man

2004-05-18 21:01:13 ET

maybe it's a sign? i dunno.

2004-05-18 21:04:06 ET

shit man what kinda sign is it?

2004-05-18 21:04:51 ET

i dunno....but it just reminds me of a bruise somehow.

2004-05-18 21:07:01 ET

im gonna tackle down the world one day

2004-05-18 21:08:00 ET


2004-05-18 21:14:22 ET

I often say (to myself when I look in the mirror) that I dress like a crazy person who got ahold or scissors.....

2004-05-18 21:32:45 ET

hahaha that's a nice description.

2004-05-19 06:58:55 ET

with out deep-rooted MTV exploited stereotypes, things would be much better. labels need to die.

2004-05-19 14:22:53 ET

i liked that a lot.. weee

2004-05-19 18:56:12 ET

yup. sooo true.

2004-05-19 20:34:12 ET

it was a crazy rant done with waaaay too much caffeine at 3 in the morning.

2004-05-19 20:52:56 ET

caffeine at 3 am is good though ^__^

2004-05-19 20:56:33 ET

yes... but not in amounts needed to maintain alert level of conciousness on 60 continual hours without sleep....
then you just plain get hyper tensive and jumpy and the slightest unexpected sound.

2004-05-19 20:57:16 ET

ohhh yeah...that does suck. yet it's really a drive in a weird kind of way. i love the twitchiness.

2004-05-19 21:19:26 ET



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