2004-05-14 20:20:44 ET

I had the college talk with my mother an father tonight. it was lame, my father was adament and my mother was a push over. My dad also decided to be an ass to the poor waiter. Right so it's all good and decided. I am moving back to Monterey end of July beginning of August to live with my green buddy Meagan that I love to the max.
mmmm...caroon network is eatng my braiiiiiiin

I have serious problems with starting projects...fuckna

2004-05-14 20:28:54 ET



2004-05-15 02:46:16 ET

You should have seriously appealed to have come here.

2004-05-15 05:51:40 ET

i would have failed ....becaue i am a loser

2004-05-15 13:02:40 ET

Where is Monterey?

And cartoon network is god

2004-05-16 08:37:22 ET

in california... Ummmmm about 2 maybe 2 1/2 hours south of S.F.

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