oh mel mel mel
2004-05-19 20:03:48 ET

so I caught the end of south park.
" I feel a lot better about being Jewish now that I know Mel Gibson is just a psycho douche"
but you know I don't remember the exact quote..still

2004-05-19 20:05:47 ET

i wanted to watch that.
but i forgot.


2004-05-19 20:06:40 ET

that episode was hilarious.

2004-05-19 20:16:25 ET

it caught my ear....

2004-05-19 20:19:29 ET

How can you catch the end if it's still on? You're weird...you denver time watching TV um.....girl...

2004-05-19 20:20:50 ET

is that the passion of the christ epsiode?

2004-05-19 20:21:28 ET

it's also a re-run... boo to that.

which reminds me...i don't think chappelle's show is ever going to have a new episode. it's been like three months, it seems.

2004-05-19 20:22:58 ET

wha its new i thought.. tuesdays.. i havent watched tv in awhile but werent there suppose to be new episodes of both of those shows..?

2004-05-19 20:23:42 ET

There's no more new episodes of either....they're rerunning right now....

2004-05-19 20:23:46 ET

huh...that is odd....hey I get everything about 3 hours earlier
I just finished watching aqua teen hunger force...but it wasn't supposed to be on for two more hours......soooooo I dunno

2004-05-19 20:24:09 ET


2004-05-19 20:24:30 ET

Yeah.....we call it "Denver Time"....it's satellite right? You get East coast times.....sooooo.......is ATHF worth watching today?

2004-05-19 20:25:43 ET

im lagging with the box.. summer ill redeem myself .. ill watch scooby doo til my eyes pop out.. haha im old school

2004-05-19 20:26:31 ET

oh yea...so awesome..carl is a clown man

2004-05-19 20:45:12 ET

do I get to feel better too?
ya know,now that I'm a jew and all

2004-05-19 20:47:02 ET

but you are a little jewish...your mom said so

2004-05-19 20:47:25 ET

and yes

2004-05-19 20:47:39 ET

yea, that's what I said

2004-05-19 20:47:54 ET

jew power!

2004-05-19 20:48:28 ET

read that wrong

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