odd events
2004-06-02 20:03:19 ET

my mind is making stuff up, i am getting mixed signals
blank is not doing anything we didn't agree on, blank is not acting differently, my mind is just going into super sensitive terrified of relationship mode
this is retarded
I am retarded
this doesn't make any sense, especially since i have convnced myself that i wanta real relationship, not with him though, that impossible, unless these signals are actually telling me otherwise.....rawr...
edit- I am not losing interest, just we have a "deal" kinda and we are just not, we only do, trying to avoid everything but lust and friendship...or thats what i thought, hope, etc.

I am also infatuated with someone...have been for a while...never get to hang out with him or see him or talk to him, it's lame

why can't I just be a unic? or anatomically incorrect? that would be awesome!
void of hormones and emotion I would be exempt from all this crap...

how are you?

2004-06-02 20:04:24 ET

all of it.

2004-06-02 20:06:51 ET

wow...oh good luck camping by the way!!

2004-06-02 20:08:00 ET

haha thank you, i need all the luck i can get.

2004-06-02 20:08:43 ET

Ahh, if you're losing interest it's his fault ;)

But I have to agree on the anatomically incorrectness. I'd really like to be void of that 'desire'...I'd REALLY like that...

I mean can you imagine how much money that'd save me in the long run? hahaha!

2004-06-02 20:12:44 ET

see edit...sorry i meant to write that originally....it would save alot! and i just want to be hormone and emotion free, life would be so easy

2004-06-02 20:12:48 ET

It's worked for me! just decided to stop the whole wanting thing and bingo, no more problems.

2004-06-02 20:13:23 ET

did it jules? did it really?

2004-06-02 20:13:28 ET

haha gonzo, you lie pretty damn well there dude ;)

2004-06-02 20:14:01 ET

well, those problems went away...other have yet to crop up, but they might

2004-06-02 20:23:06 ET

so...this other guy...he's me, right?

2004-06-02 20:24:28 ET

be a unic?....YOUR AN UNICORN?! woooo

2004-06-02 20:25:35 ET

(this has nothing to do with any boys mentioned above, but....)

Julian serenaded me today.

aren't you jealous!?!??!!?!?!!?

no, 'course you aint...but it was kinda frightening, camille. i was scared.

2004-06-02 20:35:39 ET

um, Jackie, I think you have it backwards, unicorns have an extra bit.

2004-06-02 20:47:06 ET

haha then i have no idea whats going on here

2004-06-02 23:05:47 ET

Void of hormones and emotion, you would be kinda boring.

2004-06-04 12:31:58 ET

that does sound scary laura....

jules got it

jackie you're crazy


rikki...prehaps....or i would be even more interesting!

2004-06-04 15:02:53 ET

more like jackie is right rather than ben!!

thats what you mean right? that you mixed us up..right right right?!

2004-06-04 19:47:03 ET

Yo shortcake,...

...up North, we'll schedule a meet or something soon, when I know I have time...

2004-06-04 20:59:24 ET

are you truly short?

and fluffy like an elegant cake

2004-06-05 12:02:19 ET

Robots are cool, but probably not very cool as friends, or for giving advice.

2004-06-05 14:35:46 ET

true dat rix

jackie, again, you're a spaz and I love you..but no, alas, I am not short like cake or fluffy

nate- just call me

2004-06-05 14:45:25 ET

but if you were a pastry treat.. what would you be?!

id be rice pudding.. is that considered one?

2004-06-05 14:45:59 ET

thats not a pastry....it's a gelatinous mass, or pudding

2004-06-05 14:46:21 ET

i suppose I would be shortcake....since I am already...

2004-06-06 09:13:20 ET

you already are? do people eat you? i go to the store and i see it on sale but i dont like eating it so i dont eat it so... that didnt mean a damn thing!

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