um, what?!
2004-07-17 08:52:11 ET

So I might as well share my drastic change of plans.
It all happened over a week
Sunday- my going away dinner from work at a shwank resturaunte that my co-workers and I dressed up for. At this dinner it was jokingly mentioned that I could move in with Shaye(my old boss from the coffe shop) and Jerry(her boyfriend and my friend from work) into this awesome house in San francisco just blocks from Haight. I get to thinking about it.

Tuesday- I go over to the apartment they are moving out of in Half Moon Bay and look through stuff they are getting rid of. Shaye and I gat to talking and I mention that Meagan and I hav yet to find a place in monterey. Shaye hits my with a paper or something and tells me I should just move in with them. Another room-mate seems to not like this idea.

Wednesday- at work Jerry says "so you're going to live with us, huh?" And I suppose I am. I havn't seen the house yet but I hear it's gorgeous and the rent is ridiculous for S.F. I would be a moron to turn this down. So all I have to do is fill out a credit checky form, and since none of them had credit they think it will be fine. So there it is. After I turn 18 I am moving to S.F. with 5 really cool people. I'm not sure If I am going to keep working in the pet store or get a better job in S.F......we'll see

this is almost for sure, but I am trying to think about it like it's not going to happen.
also I pierced my nose and I am in love with it.

2004-07-17 09:05:57 ET

TAKE IT TAKE IT!! sf is beautiful, and you have a mega opportunity. id kill for that

2004-07-17 09:07:50 ET

Wow. That's awesome, kid. I hope it works out. That's a hell of an opportunity.

Piercing: pictures???

2004-07-17 09:10:07 ET

i will post pictures as soon as I take them...I have not yet showered today and i just did it yesterday

2004-07-17 09:28:53 ET

Did it yourself?

2004-07-17 09:35:01 ET was a painstaking process

2004-07-17 09:37:18 ET

Punk rock points for Camille.

Here, take them. TAKE, THEM BITCH!!! </weird mood, hyper>

I apologize. My brain is running on nothing but coffee and nicotine.

2004-07-17 16:03:49 ET

shigity-shwag for you

2004-07-18 07:53:30 ET


2004-07-18 11:14:05 ET

your exciting.

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