2004-07-27 20:05:26 ET


(this is an excuse for praise unto me!!)
((shameless I might add))

2004-07-27 20:12:11 ET


Now you'll have to wait another three years before you can actually do stuff.

I kid, I kid. :op

Happy birthday!

2004-07-27 20:14:27 ET

happy birthday!

2004-07-27 20:15:30 ET

don't get cocky kid, you're still a teenager

2004-07-27 20:30:05 ET

happy birthday, you sexy, sexy, now perfectly legal, woman!

2004-07-27 20:35:09 ET


2004-07-27 20:35:39 ET

thanks guys

2004-07-27 20:39:18 ET

Happy Birthday Youngin'!!! ;)

2004-07-27 20:43:22 ET


2004-07-27 20:53:46 ET

Yay for 18th birthdays! 2 years away from excapeing teenagerism.

2004-07-27 20:54:28 ET

Happy berfday!

2004-07-27 20:58:59 ET

Happy woom liberation day!

2004-07-27 21:00:41 ET

happy birfday! (i just noticed that me and rudeboy kinda put the same) so happy bday and birthday...and whatever!

better yet: feliz cumpleaņos! bonne anniversaire!

2004-07-28 08:47:30 ET

happy legal birthday !!!!!!! what are your plans for this celebration ?

2004-07-28 15:32:17 ET

happy birfday!!

2004-07-28 16:11:14 ET

blah blah happy birthday and all that fun stuff do fun things and have a better one than i did all sick and crap................

i loves you camille, i loves you

2004-07-28 16:26:13 ET

thank you everyone

2004-07-28 21:50:26 ET

Happy birthday. Whee. *beats you 18 times with a crowbar* Muhahahaha. -evil-

2004-07-29 12:14:35 ET

umm...thank you for emtioally scarring me?

2004-07-30 02:45:49 ET

No problem. I'm always good for an emotional scarring. Have a good one :D

2004-07-30 18:28:51 ET

thats exciting..

buy me some porn and cigarettes.. its gonna be a long night baby

2004-07-30 22:34:57 ET

...am i invited then?

2004-07-30 23:50:29 ET

well i thought it would be a one night stand but alas this long night will become a short weekend


2004-08-01 15:52:17 ET

!!!Happy birthday!!!

*whispers*She's LEGAL!!!

2004-08-01 23:03:25 ET

no need for a whisper..

its screaming time baby

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