Welcome to adulthood, sucker
2004-07-29 12:25:52 ET

so, my application for the place in S.F. has finally been turned in. I am getting a little nervous about money and seeing as how I have none, thats a problem. I won'tknow for another week and half if I can move in or not...gargh.. I just want to live it an actual room with one door and four (maybe five) walls...is that really so much to ask for. A little definitive answer and a place to live. And what if they say "no your satans child!" and I have to find someplace else. Back to Monterey or Back to original plan go live in Santa Cruz. If I am staying here I hae to start my job again or find a new one. Breath in Breath out. Okay. I am done ranting.

2004-07-29 13:55:18 ET

uh oh. I'm thinking of attending SFSU and, hopefully, living in the city. it's probably either that or staying home and attending SJSU. (gah.) do you have anything to contribute? I don't know shit about trying to move to SF.

2004-07-29 14:03:20 ET

SF: land of $2000/month closets

2004-07-29 19:40:15 ET

good luck with all of that. i hope you get the place.

2004-07-30 08:19:31 ET

lucki- I didn't like the SJSU campus very much. The thing about sf is that most of the time all you can find are exactly what jules said, 2000$ a month closets disguised as "cozy" studio's. Just go look at the campus' and decide which one you like better. I hear SFSU dorms aren't too bad....

and thanks for the luck Lolli

my closet will only be 344 a month thank you very much!

2004-07-30 15:03:04 ET

just visited SFSU today. it's rather nice, actually. good because it's near the city but not too near. the dorm buildings look good, or at least that's what my sister said. (she's attending SJSU right now.) I actually like it better than SJSU, but I've only visited SJSU a couple times and have never had an official tour. hmm...

2004-08-01 15:54:37 ET

Good luck!

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