Weekend Update
2004-08-02 19:37:31 ET

I had a wonderful weekend introducing Julian to many of my friends in Monterey. He was overwhelmed by the extreme usage of inside jokes. Thats okay. I was really glad that I could have my two worlds come together. It made me feel good that neither exploded. It also reminded me how much I miss them. Fuck. I want to stay here and do whats right but I also want to go back and end up wasting my life and being stuck there......marmrrm

2004-08-02 20:35:40 ET

I guess all of us will just have to come there

2004-08-02 23:26:40 ET

glad you had fun. you'll figure out what to do. let your heart or intuition or something guide you.

2004-08-07 23:56:54 ET

Lolli, by leaving the advice that vague, you could have the poor girl following her right shoulder blade.

2004-08-08 10:59:03 ET

I'd trust Camille's right shoulder blade...

2004-08-08 15:14:16 ET

But hopefully not as much as her brain.

Given the choice, I'd go with brain. But maybe that's just me.

2004-08-08 16:43:25 ET

yeah, i don't really know the whole situation, but she will figure it out. i'd trust her shoulder blade too! but her brain is just as good a choice as anything.

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