2004-10-17 09:45:43 ET

okay...so It wasn't 6 months and I think I was trying to be dramatic... I discovered that the internet that is making my life hectic its my life thats doing it and cutting off communication through the internet isn't helping. I am happy. I live in S.F. I am going to s.f. state in the spring. My life spins out of control no matter what I do. I think I secretly like it that way. Those of you I should have been contacting, I am horrible person and I blow people off...or so it would seem. October is destroying my sense (or lack) of order and I need a personal assistant...

right so Hi!
I missed you guys!

2004-10-17 09:47:51 ET

yeay: you're back!

2004-10-17 10:39:15 ET

hello, camille. get your life back in order!

2004-10-17 11:10:50 ET

personal assistant would be great, I'll take one too.

2004-10-17 13:37:09 ET

yay for SF and SF state. good luck trying to get your life all organized and such, even though sanity can get pretty boring after a while.

2004-10-18 08:49:49 ET

liar. liar.liar.liar.liar.liar.

I hate you. I hate you cuz I miss you and you don't return my calls. I feel like a needy exboyfriend who isn't getting the hint that it's over.



2004-10-18 17:26:16 ET

Miss ya too las. Hope to see ya if I do in fact return to Cali in March.

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