2004-10-24 19:08:53 ET

I drink now...sorta..thought you all should know... I need to quit smoking and go look at my old enteries...I should have never claimed and I appologize to those of you who are going strong....
anyway I am awesome these days and my life is falling together
so drop a line

2004-10-24 21:02:53 ET

and all of that.
also: its all about guinness.

2004-10-25 17:13:47 ET

whats been happening that makes everything fall together?! i want to know all there is to know :)

2004-10-28 16:24:45 ET

So are we going to be drinking buds now?

2004-11-01 09:30:43 ET

haha....sure nate
why not

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