2004-11-20 06:19:09 ET

I got inked. about fucking time. story will come.

2004-11-20 07:01:21 ET

and picatures! DUH!

2004-11-20 08:10:53 ET

And no quick description either, jeez...

2004-11-20 09:07:01 ET

Pictures pictures!!!

2004-11-20 10:19:55 ET

i wanna see!

2004-11-20 11:47:46 ET


... whats it of?

2004-11-21 14:12:12 ET

what took you so long?

2004-11-28 10:50:58 ET

oh um.. it's some flowers infront of grass on my right shoulder blade.. it's cute for lack of a better word

2004-11-28 16:40:08 ET

mine seems like i could pull it of.. which i have for the most part. its very ugly and ...

take care of it! i didnt put any cream or anything on it so its just ...disgusting. ive failed. until next time .. i want a little robot or jellyfish or elephant behind my ear..hmmm ideas

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