2004-11-28 10:48:19 ET

I have no pictures of my tattoo yet and I did the cliche picking something off a wall at a tatto parlor I didn't quite trust. It's a littlle messed up but I love it all the same. The guy was gross. He assumed my friend lisa was my girlfriend and made lots of lesbian jokes. Why does that keep happening...
Anyway it doesn't as bad as you think.
I asked him how much it would hurt and he says
"How much did it hurt when you lost your virginity?"
Me- "Not at all actually."
Gross Tattoo Guy- "No, I mean when you lost it to a guy."
Me- "Uhh.. Thats what I meant.."
GTG- he turns to my friend "What about you. Did it hurt?"
Lisa- puts head down "It hurts every time.."
Me- "Then why do you still do it?!"

that was fun stuff.

My holiday was full of berating my veganism and my uncle cornered me and tried to get me to drink champagne. My grandma is a cunt and then don't see that everyone in the world doesn't have lots and lots of money.
teh suck.
How did everyone elses thankgiving go?

2004-11-28 11:33:00 ET

"every time"? regerative virginity?

2004-11-28 15:17:54 ET

that sounds great!

2004-11-29 21:03:43 ET

when i was up there with my momma since it was cold we were arm n arm

and these 2 drunks came to us saying well "hot damn more lesbians!".. came up to my mom saying your girlfriend here is hot.

it was a weird moment but that was my thanksgiving.. weird moments

2004-12-04 12:04:03 ET


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