yo momma!
2004-12-04 12:05:00 ET

hey guys this is a kinda cool test

2004-12-04 12:26:20 ET

that was kinda dumb

2004-12-04 15:20:58 ET

that's why you don't ever put in real information. =)

2004-12-04 15:28:20 ET


2004-12-04 18:57:16 ET

sorry, it got me really bad...so I decided to torture the masses

2004-12-04 20:19:04 ET

well better I fall for it from you (I would have told you anything if you asked anyway) than someone else.

2004-12-08 17:35:51 ET

The surprise was a little spoiled, as my boyfriend was sitting next to me and told me what was going to happen. Oh well.

2004-12-08 18:49:02 ET

lol.... that was good.

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