Yea, thats right
2004-12-14 16:21:15 ET

I'm fucking posting this on the internet(godihatethisinternetthing) after much consideration. I am writing this to write this. that is all.
I have gone through some weird relationshippy things that don't even really enter that category.
One was too mushy and moved away. To minnesota. It sucked. And I got bored... so that makes me lame.
One was too fucking young, and I hurt him. It sucked. That also makes me lame.
The last guy was a dream that some how turned into a man-that-guy-is-way-too-hot-to-talk-to-me-way. But reality told me that he's too old for me and we want different things and that I don't know what I want. Plus he's moving to Europe. woot.
so here are some things I know that I do want
Over 20
Under 26
Not a fucking virgin
Has it together
Can teach me things and learn at the same time
Will argue with me
Makes me laugh
I make that person laugh
Can laugh at me
Has a major fault
Will accept mine
Doesn't care about money
Emotionally strong enough so I won't break them
Has a mean streak, but is actually a really nice person
Isn't going to leave me in the dust, broken
Wants something but not sure what

Sorry I was ranting, excuse it all.
i'm sorry also that I posted something so typically girly that I want to throw up

2004-12-14 17:33:55 ET

You may want to add...lives in the same area...

2004-12-14 18:28:11 ET

where do i find the application?

2004-12-14 18:57:18 ET

eh, 14 aint bad, too bad I'm your brother

2004-12-16 16:51:48 ET

You might want to add in, "Won't chop me up into little pieces and store me in the freezer along with his mother's remains."

It all sounds perfectly reasonable to me.

2004-12-17 11:05:43 ET

thanks for the input guys.. Again I appologize for the rant

2004-12-17 16:19:49 ET

so...where do i pick up the application?

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