Holiday confusion
2004-12-27 07:57:17 ET

my grandmother finally accepted the fact that i'm vegan and made me a bunch of extra stuff for christams and set it aside. I cried. thats ridiculous. It is the best present that I received. I am a person! woot! I love my Amah. It made my life. I will resist shit talking my Amah from now on. Also. I quit drinking agian. This also is ridiculous. I have to make up my mind and I can't do it. I will someday.

2004-12-27 09:48:22 ET

quit drinking? im confused why? WHY?

today im telling myself im vegan.. well not titled as that but i dont want to eat any animal product.. its all dead cells.. ewwww .. inside of me.. ewww..ok.

2004-12-27 14:37:52 ET

Alot of people between the ages of 21 and 30 go back and forth between drinking and 'quitting for good' constantly. It's totally normal.

2004-12-27 15:45:01 ET

yeay: Gandma

2004-12-27 20:37:23 ET

yea, yea, yea..... long story jackie my dear. Oh rix congrats darlin
and thank you jules my boy

2004-12-28 13:33:13 ET


2004-12-28 22:35:39 ET

hmm ive got time.. lots of it

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