2005-03-01 13:14:31 ET

I made two very strange decisions this morning. to put on make up before school and to ride my bike to school.
I got pretty far before I gave up and got on the bus. Then i decided to get off the bus and ride the last 8 or 9 blocks.
I'm fucking nuts.
The college is something like 5 miles from my house.
and I am crazy bad out of shape.
and I crazy bad didn't eat breakfast or bring water or money with me.

2005-03-01 14:06:56 ET

it's ok, I live less than a mile from campus and there is no way I'd ride my bike to class

2005-03-01 14:44:13 ET

I think that the only thing wrong with this is the fact that you went dehydrated and on an empty stomach. seems like good excercise, anyways.

2005-03-01 16:52:54 ET

i live in san francisco.. hills kill
sorry forgot to mention that.. I feel great! but silly none the less

2005-03-01 19:57:20 ET

BIKES- i tried going down a hill from my house and the rubber part of my tires ..um something happened and it was just steel on cement going down hill. and then i fell. i gave up on bikes after that especially since that bike was from when i was 8
this was like 2 weeks ago too. totally blew assssssssssssssssssss.


2005-03-02 18:36:01 ET

again.. dorkasauraus

2005-03-17 18:04:38 ET

hi im heading to your area. im staying in a hostel because i have no where esle to go.. aw the life! but with that.. do you want to chillax?

2005-03-21 10:03:27 ET

yes lady, when??

2005-03-21 13:26:21 ET

your new tattoo is very pretty.

2005-03-21 19:19:35 ET

thank you tabby

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