2005-03-23 09:25:30 ET

I've been working hard to ignore people and not make new friends. This is slightly hard especially since I like people (for the most part) and I am mostly outgoing. Alot more reading is in order, less talking.

Goals for next three months-
(or my anti-social manifesto)
Go on no dates
Meet no one new
Talk less
perhaps lose some "friends"
grow out my hair
be a better vegan
become Harold from Harold and Maude
fix my head
photograph more
read more
buy little to nothing
cancel vitamin regimen
spend less time miscomunicating on the internet

2005-03-23 09:34:33 ET

I hope you achieve those goals m'dear.

2005-03-23 09:52:54 ET

You forgot "estrange myself from my parents" and "disappear from my debtors' respective radars". Consider "cancel vitamin regimen" as well.

2005-03-23 18:05:34 ET

i blame my period for thoughts a lot like these but... it came and disappeared.. in the toliet and processed trees !but! the point is.. i am typing a comment.

and harold is adoreable. and. and i say ill just be home and ignore people but once i see their cute little faces i melt. truly it is hard. ill just have to melt their faces.

2005-03-24 07:23:33 ET

thank you guys for the encouragement......?

jackie you're already my bud so you're in the clear, but I think as a whole I pretty much don't like folk.

2005-03-24 09:20:58 ET

What do you mean "thanks?" Is that sarcasm? You didn't even put my suggestions in the list. :( I was just trying to help. :( :( :P

Your initial post lacks implicit intonation and I have no idea whether you really intend to do those things. I've never spoken with you in person, either, so if you were to tell me straight up "Yes I meant it" or "no I didn't" I would STILL not know whether you were being sarcastic in that response or not. I hate the Internet.

2005-03-24 11:03:43 ET

i wasn't being sarcastic I'm sorry...I think i will put the vitamin regiment thing on there...I meant it...

I have been having alot of difficulty with the internet tone of voice war recently...hmmmm

2005-03-25 13:21:18 ET

funny...my goals are almost just the oposite of all those...

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