2005-04-18 22:18:56 ET

Reply with your name and I'll tell you something I think is rad about you.

Afterwards, copy and paste this into your own journal.

2005-04-19 10:49:07 ET

weeee I get to be first! Jules Noel Messenger Friederich

2005-04-28 20:28:24 ET

Cassaundra Rechelle Beibhinn Welter

2005-04-29 07:27:16 ET

Jules Noel Messenger Friederich-
Oh let me count the ways... You are a zany commie hippy who likes knots and oragami... what more can I say? Your curly hair? Your womanly mystique?
I love all of you! oh I also love that shirt with the chest cavity that your mother hates.(but thats not really aboput you)
oh! I also love the couch suit...
and the fact that we bonded because of monty python

2005-04-29 07:29:14 ET

Cassaundra Rechelle Beibhinn Welter
well.... I love you because your nuts! Your always fun and have something crazy to say. I love you also b/c we'll be seeing msi...um okay so thats not really why i love you... but still
I love your hair and the fact that you wear things in public that I am terrified to take out of my closet

2005-05-02 07:49:13 ET

the one they call canchola

2005-05-06 18:09:40 ET

darling, yopiu had a crazy ninja dream abbout me, that I love..umm...
but your nuts I love it!
I have no words for the love that wells in my heart as natural as blood.

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