2005-10-02 07:43:06 ET

The last two days have been frustrating and amazing.
On Friday I left the house at 7 am with my father so I could go move my disabled car from my step-dads house to my mothers house for future work. Everything was going well until we go the car on the trailer and discovered two things. My dad could not open the door of the car when it was on the trailer and the car did not fit on the trailer. So he climbs out of the trunk. I climb in the trunk to the drivers seat and wait so her can drive the truck and trailer away from the car, hoping that it won't end in tragedy. The trailer does drag the stationary car (with me in it) a little bit, but we manage to remove it from the trailer successfully, to leave it there to be towed to a junk yard. I was looking foreward to fixing that damn car with my dad. That was the best car that I have had yet, and I will miss that grey inatamite object. So that is that. We leave Pacifica and make our way up to daly city where I was to be dropped off to take public transportation home. Then my dad asks me "Hey, do you want to come to Santa Cruz?"(he lives there).
I reply "Sure, why the fuck not."
I call the people I feel need to know where I am, whether I think they care or not. And then I call the friends I have in Santa Cruz to let them know that I am coming and also to find out if one of them can drive me back. One can.
We get down there and I hang out with my dad reading ISR articles(thats pretty much all I brought with me, besides the clothing I was wearing, which were dirty) and catching up on some rest.
Late Friday afternoon he takes me into town to see my friend Jules, that guy is pretty much family, hangs out with us a bit and then returns to his house to finish some work. I spend the rest of the afternoon and some of the evening reading "would you rather..." questions to Jules and Byron and lustinng after a georgeous Barista with short curly black hair and the god damn cutest nose ever.
We relocate to a sushi place, I don't egt anythinng because I am waiting to eat at my favorite noodle place in SC called Charlie Hong Kongs with Alessandro.mmm.
Alessandro calles me at 8ish and picks me up at around 9.
We go to Charlie's and eat deliciously huge noodle bowls. The woman who is running the register asks me about the prop 73 pin I am wearing and I tell her all about it and gve her a pin as well. I didn't have a paper on me, that was a loss I think.
After one of those "what do you want to do?", "I dunno what do you want to do?" conversations, We go to Saturn Cafe for pie and I get a vegan milkshake(woot).
we then got tea/coffee and went to Alessandro's house and watched Pee Wee's Playhouse. damn awesome.

The Next day I get home mostly content and feeling more sick than I had in the past two weeks, find an urgent care facility that is fucking open on a saturday and go to discover that I have what is called a peritonsillar abscess(an abscess around my tonsil) in addition to tonsilitis.
The doctor lances the abscess and drains the blood and puss with a suction thingy like at the dentist. It tastes bad and at one point I coughed blood and stuff on the doctors face, he was patient and just washed it off. They gave me 800mg of ibeprofin and a perscription for antibiotics, ibeprofin, and vicodin.
I went home, to find my housemates still gone, tried to sleep and mostly just felt stupid and alone. I got up watched Six Feet Under, went back to trying to sleep. took more antibiotics and ibeprofin. Alex came by and we went to eat, which I hadn't done much that day. At the resturaunte we ran into a couple pf his friends and ate with them. I felt better, we went back to my house, he stuck around for 20ish minutes and then left to go to Fed's party. I stayed here and went to sleep feeling better, but still wishing that someone was here.

2005-10-02 09:01:09 ET

at least you didn't have mono and a peritonsillar abscess.
...I think I'm going to go get a cup tea...;)

2005-10-02 10:16:50 ET

so true...and

damn you!!

2005-10-03 11:39:58 ET

Was the abscess formed from violent coughing, or what??

Hope you feel better.

2005-10-04 07:04:16 ET

no, it was formed from my dumbass ignoring my body screaming "YO! FUCKER! YOU ARE TOO SICK. SLOW THE FUCK DOWN"
and then *pop* abscess

2005-10-04 07:04:31 ET

and thank you

2005-10-04 16:14:43 ET

"*pop*" hahaha...oh man, that really shouldn't be that funny, I'm sory.

2005-10-05 20:56:36 ET

hell i thought it was funny

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