2008-08-09 09:22:44 ET

On monday I am going to portland to look for a job and house. I am moving out of the Bay Area for the first time in my life. I guess portland isn't really that big of a move but it feels huge.
SF has become unbearably expensive. I have a lead on a room for 250 which is hella lower than my last room which was inching towards 600 very quickly.
so fuck it
I am breaking up with the bay for now.
I have deep love for it but it's hurting me to struggle with money all the fucking time.
Money aside my job and social life in sf sorted themselves out nicely.
I cut that fool out of my life discovered that a friend of mine could make me come like there was no tomorrow and my house on Clement started to kick ass. I even love the guy who is taking my spot there. Funny how things work out like that.
here's to pdx
my new life of-
sleeping with more women(in a town of so many hot lesbians, yes!)
None of this monog trials. I've concluded that I am no good at that and thats totally ok with my ass.
I get to have a dog!! I can just fall in love with my dog and save myself the misery of falling in love with a human.
camping all the time
fuck yea.
PDX here I come.

2008-08-09 14:53:54 ET

heh its funny how i'm in seattle and interested in possibly moving to the bay area at some point myself. portland is cool from my experiences there - definitely a lot smaller than the bay area but it has a lot going on and some really cool people. if i were going to stay in the northwest for some reason it'd probably be there and not seattle.

2008-08-10 08:51:44 ET

Portland is great. It has lots of drag queens and hot gutter chicks.

But you're totally gonna be out of California by the time I visit! fghndguigud!

2008-08-13 09:41:11 ET

dude. I am coming back my whole damn family lives there.

2008-08-18 21:56:17 ET

Well, we'll have to align our visits at some point. We seriously need to meet up and re-acquaint.

Dude. I wish I had addresses for my buddies up there. I would send you on long-distance-hello errands.

2008-08-19 15:08:40 ET

hahaha. if you did I would hella do that. I think i am actually going to try to come down for folsom but we will see what happens.

turbo- I actually have a friend from pdx who is trying to transition to sf right now. we're pretty much switching live a little bit.

2008-08-23 01:41:46 ET

Ha- that's what I'm trying to schedule my visit around.

2008-08-23 12:20:34 ET

i know dude, thats part of teh reason I am trying to come. Have you met my friend tasha yet?

2008-08-23 20:04:26 ET

I don't believe so. But god knows I'm terrible with names.

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