2008-09-03 09:38:52 ET

Today I must get on my shit. Wrapping up loose ends before one skips town is a good idea yes?
I want to go to sleep only to wake up finding myself moved into my new house. A dog asleep next to me. When I wake up it will lick my face.
Speaking of dogs. Recently I was joking that maybe I should replace my relationships with a dog. Not for sex, uck. But just for affection and such. Sure I'd still have sex with humans but no more emotional complications if I get all my romance from a dog.
Think about it.
As long as you feed them and love them dogs will unconditionally love you back.
It is impossible for a dog to break up with you.
Dogs always want to do what you want to do. Unless it's going to the vet.
If a dog gets jealous you can always lock them outside until they forget about it.

Obviously, that isn't going to be how I live my life. It's easier to think about replacing men and women with a dog than to actually think through what I want. I think most people have a hard time pinning down what exactly that is. Every time I think I know for sure that i've got it nailed down. Whittled down to a list of demands almost, I change my mind.
Maybe the key question here is which is more important to you right now?
Falling in love?
Or having sex with as little complications as possible?
Can you have the latter without the prior showing its ugly head as a complication?

Sex/Love demand list-
Needs definition early on. The earlier the less likely for misconceptions and deluding oneself.
Has to be funny.
Sex has to be good. (this demand is somewhat stupid b/c it is always possible to make sex better if the person is willing to listen and talk about it)
Cannot think this will last forever, it won't.
Must be clear about feelings and boundaries. I can't deal with none of things delusional ass bull shit where the person I am fucking lives on a different planet.

thats it. monogs or non-mongs depends on the person.
I am open to falling love. I guess.
I even feel icky writing that.

2008-09-03 10:35:40 ET

Relationships are strange.

I'm in my first serious relationship pretty much ever, and sometimes its very strange to me- I always like it, but its just a way of things I've never done.

I hope that you find satisfaction out of a lover without love or with love, with sex or without!

2008-09-03 11:58:34 ET

When are you leaving? I'd love to see you before you disappear.

2008-09-03 17:13:29 ET

sunday... monday? I am hanging out with folks on saturday at this bar called the Edinburgh castle on geary. you should come!

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