2008-09-24 23:50:23 ET

everyone who lives in portland is

a- an anarchist
b- vegan

they have to pick one or both.
or have been one.
it's crazy.

2008-09-25 00:05:55 ET

Ironic, because the best burger joint EVER is in Portland.

2008-09-25 00:30:16 ET

well that and most of them are sort of a bit raped up the ass by the neo hippie mentality which i feel is the pacific northwest's one big downfall in general. d-:
still a cool town, though.

2008-09-25 14:58:33 ET

lars- well yes, I think that sorta comes with the territory.
rix- true story

2008-09-26 05:48:55 ET

I can never remember- what is your dietary status at the moment? I remember you (I think) relaxing from veganism to vegetarianism, but I don't know if that changed.

2008-09-26 15:00:16 ET

omnivore and sometimes ravenous cannibal.

2008-10-01 01:06:55 ET


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