clit, non-sequitir
2008-10-06 11:20:35 ET

These two comics are excellent.

this one is especially hilarious to me.

that aside. I had an eventful weekend. I am starting to feel slightly over whlemed by all the attention I am getting in the dating world. Also I fucked this woman while her boyfriend was home. He knew. I feel just slightly weird about that. Just ever so slightly. weird.

We had a pretty good house meeting last night in my new place. We set house rules and made plans to have two parties this month. One is next saturday and theme/hook has yet to be decided. The other is a halloween party nov. 1st. I guess thats not exactly this month. But it's a Halloween party. I'm hoping it'll be a rager. Oh college.

I keep trying to convince my friend to do a misfits cover band with me and he keeps blowing it/not really wanting to do it. It sucks. We're not really into the same kind of music right now anyway.
I may convince some of my favorite young bloods who just moved into town to do it with me instead of mr.Flaky McFlakerton. I am actually mad about this. I was really expecting him to actually try to train me as a musician and I suppose I imposed this on him. Still, I'm hurt. He will not understand why. No reason to explain it.

I think this cover band thing will probably not happen especially in time for halloween. Maybe next year.
On the music front! A friend and I have discussed putting a band together so I can learn how to play the bass and drum and so he can play the drums. Actually he is a talented guitar player so I think he'll be switching back an forth btwn drums and geeeetar. At least in my head thats how I want it. I'm stoked. C.M. Phillips and I have far closer taste in music than Dance Machine no time for you man I mentioned earlier. Or Adam. as everyone tends to call him.

Art front- I am working steadily but slowly on my very own comic and it's going well. I think I may get up the first one and the website by mid novemberish. So look out!

back to my lusty love troubles. I am falling hard for someone that it is rather scary for me to feel strongly about. It's throwing my world slightly off kilter. I catch myself considering monog and then laughing out loud at the thought. I'm not an old dog yet but I've doing this for so long I'mnot sure I would be good at anything monogs. Who knows. Maybe this person would consider having an open partnership. A very close friendship. I may never get the courage to find out. Circumstances make it hard for me to decipher with out making it obvious. Also there are some rather tricky factors involved. I'm still trying to process it. It's funny the people you end up crushed over never really change from high school. They have this smokey akward seductivenes to them. I've always agreed with the saying "where theres smoke there's fire"
Fire is two things
beautiful and dangerous.
It does not have to be both.
so many unanswered questions, so much to learn.
which one this person?
that is yet to be determined.
to be continued......
because it's my journal.

2008-10-09 10:58:40 ET

Is your party on the 11th or 18th? If it's the later I might be in/around your area.

2008-10-09 15:05:04 ET

it's the 11th, but you should come out on the 18th anyway! what are you doing up in the NW?

2008-10-09 21:24:42 ET

I'm road tripping up to Seattle, taking it slow and camping in a couple places on the way.

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