first entry....
2005-01-19 11:25:43 ET

...and I have a question for anyone and everyone reading. Seriously. I dont mean to piss anybody off or rub salt into an open wound, but what does the majority of SK think about Bush?

I ask because I never looked at the situation OUTSIDE of the US, and now that I do, he's an idiot. The news at home is so SENSORED. Ive seen video footage of soilders blowing off children's heads, and then LAUGHING about it. Ive seen worse than that here, and I know that once I came to Ankara in September, I was offically anti-Bush. No questions asked.

Now they're talking about war in Iran... what do you think??? I wanna know what somebody thinks PLEASE. There arent too many people here I can talk to (my Turkish isnt very good). My boyfriend and I have discussed it in depth, so many times (dont wanna beat the horse TOO much now).

Yeah so somebody tag me back with what they think, I REALLY wanna know!

SK Rocks

2005-01-19 11:43:50 ET


I think about 90% of SK doesn't like Bush, but you may find a few willing to defend him.

2005-01-19 12:02:54 ET


agree with Analog. We generally dislike bush cuz we keep declaring war on any one who even looks at us funny these days. PLus teh fact that he's made alot of cuts and reforms that haven't helped the economy.

2005-01-19 12:21:53 ET

I think he is faulted for a lot of things that he shouldn't be. As an axample, Bush did not shoot the heads off children and laugh about it. Whoever did is pretty fucked up, but unless Bush ordered the solders to do so, the individual solders who did so should be the ones punished. Not Bush.

2005-01-19 12:26:52 ET

but the matter is still, should we have even sent troops there in the first place? we went out, tore down their whole system, and not get blownup by even Tom, Dick, and Abdul.

2005-01-19 12:38:02 ET


and as for bush.......i really don't care about politics. I know i should, but i really don't.

2005-01-19 12:49:12 ET

We tore down, and we are rebulliding. Aren't there elections comming up?

2005-01-19 13:13:21 ET


Being anti-Bush is nonsense but being pro-Bush, Kerry, Clinton or who ever is even worse. You're better off not concerning yourself with such dribble.

2005-01-19 13:14:49 ET

Welcome to SK!!!1

I'm anti-Bush and I agree with analog.

2005-01-19 13:41:50 ET

hi hi!

war in iran=bad, because i have family there. my parents are from there. i have never been there myself, but yeah...war there means i'll probably never go. and a whole host of related reasons.

ps-i'm in dc and bush is poopoo.

2005-01-19 14:27:43 ET

yeay turky

nay bush

2005-01-20 05:45:31 ET

welcome to sk!

i think bush is a dirty kaffur!

2005-01-20 05:54:11 ET

*smacks DY* lets TRY not to be racist

Welcome to sk. and uhmmm yeah generally our policy since mid 2003 was AWBB2k4 (anyone but bush 2004) we don't really bush bash. we just don't like him LOL

2005-01-20 05:58:14 ET

Wow thanks everybody! I love being able to speak in English -- even when debating -- seriously you have no idea :)

analogsky: thanks! yeah, Im seeing this...

klemmy: I agree with you on the cuts negatively affecting the economy.

SFS: Yes, I agree that Bush has been faulted for things that he probably shouldnt be. My example would be the drugs issue -- yes, the man did drugs when he was younger, but people change. Leave it alone, and let him TRY to run the country with his non-stoked brain (although sometimes...). Yes, its true, Bush didnt shoot the heads off of and laugh at the children I saw, BUT, Bush has promised all of those joining the marines money for college -- alot of people from my highschool joined for that very purpose... not to fight in a war that (in my opinion) is everyday evolving more and more into an oil war (I didnt used to think the war was for oil, only for freedom for Iraqis, but now I ask myself "how can they be free if theyre all dead?"). They joined the marines because their families have no money and they want to make them PROUD by going onto college. Im sure the people that have done such horrible things were either fucked up before joining in the war effort, or, became crazy because they were young, scared, and just wanting to go to school. Just wanting an education. They knew of a war, they knew they'd have to fight, they were willing to do that in the beginning. But, after such a long time, with Saddam being caught and put back into his own country, no sign of Bin Laden, and knowing that the president has no idea as to what theyre going through over there (really, he may hear of it, know it, but he doesnt KNOW what it feels like), and oftentimes seems to forget about it, I'd be pretty pissed off too. Id probably go crazy too and shoot people. The country has been torn down, we are rebuilding, the Iraq situation is slowly turning into something better... but my big concern (and fear) is the Iran threat. First Iraq, now Iran... then Syria, then Turkey, then hell, lets take over Armenia (European, yes, but mostly of Islam) -- destroy and reconstruct; kill, bury, and apologize. Anyways thanks for your comments, you're constructively critical and you rock :)

300mhz: no, I think youre better off the way you are - life must be happier that way (I care WAY too much sometimes, even about stupid things)

tetesuro: THanks! :) Yeah, Im probably better off not worrying about it... but theyre my neighbors now, so, you know -- naturally Im a bit more concerned.

Siren: Thanks! Me too. :)

Minkybear: hey! :) Yeah, war anywhere is bad. Thats something else that bothers me -- doesnt the president and his cabinet see that America is made of immigrants (originally and some now). If he truly cares about his republic, he'd definately consider this -- more than once. I hope war doesnt come there, and I hope you get to go someday -- stop by in Turkey first though! Its REALLY gorgeous here :) BTW do you play violin?? Just curious because I looked at your SK page, and I saw the pic. I play viola!!!

gonzophysicist: NICE T-SHIRT!!! Where'd you get it? And a nice button too! I left you an eggplant recipie on your page. :)

delete yourself: thanks! (hey, at least you were honest, right?)

SubSonik: I like the SK policy AWBB2k4. Thanks for the welcome! :)

2005-01-20 07:17:34 ET

shut the fuck up, you play viola too?!!??!!??! YAAAAAY!!!!

lets be nerdy together!

2005-01-20 07:21:54 ET

Oh my god, you just scared the crap out of me -- I saw "shut the fuck up" and thought "OH MY GOD SOMEBODY HATES ME!!!". LMAO

Yes yes I do -- well did, my bow needs re-haired and I cant find any good strings in Turkey :(

So my search continues but yayyyyyyyyy! LETS BE NERDY TOGETHER!!!!

Whats your favorite to play?????

2005-01-20 07:54:06 ET

hmm...i dunno, but i don't like baroque or "classical" much. i tend to lean towrds romantic era stuff, and some modern.

2005-01-20 07:56:44 ET

heres a quote from ym brother you two may appreciate.

"Vivaldi and Tchaikovsyk are nothing alike! Vivaldi is baroque and Tchaikovsky is good"

2005-01-20 08:49:41 ET

hahahahaha, awesome.

2005-01-20 09:50:05 ET

what i said was not racist!
kaffur means nobeliver in sanscrit... i think.

2005-01-20 10:54:39 ET

oh. I thought you meant it as Kaffir

2005-01-20 10:56:27 ET

i dont know what that word means.

but i can see the how easily they can get confused.

2005-01-20 11:04:05 ET

its south african slang. equivalent to the N word.

... where the HELL did I learn that? lol

2005-01-20 11:07:16 ET

oh crap now i remember, there was this book that was required reading in school, and it was about aparthied(sp?) in south africa, thats where i would know the word(kaffir) from.

2005-01-20 11:16:36 ET

lol oh jeeze. Yeah Minky, I like romantica and Vivaldi, but you know, Vivaldi is like SUPER hard to find for solo viola. You know, that word looks like a Turkish word -- kuafor (hairdresser a la turka)

2005-01-20 11:19:38 ET

cuafuer is how you say hairstyle in romanian, and other romanic laguages i dont speak.

2005-01-20 11:41:22 ET

ne kadar güzel :)

2005-01-20 11:53:31 ET

can you translate please?

2005-01-20 14:06:40 ET

Birk, u wouldn't by happen to chance be able to play electric this crazy idea to make an electronic Jazz album someday with electric violins, synths, and other electronic instruments (maybe even a thermin).

2005-01-21 04:33:37 ET

DY: "ne kadar güzel" = how wonderful

Klemmy: believe it or not, I had an electric violin strung as a viola before I left for Turkey in Aug 04. I sold it before leaving because of an instrument restriction in Turkey (you may only bring 3 acoustic instruments OR 2 electric -- I brought my normal viola and acoustic guitar), and for lack of money (that plane ticket was freaking EXPENSIVE).

I was in a stupid little girl band once that tried really hard to be punk, and I played synth. That idea sounds really cool so...

how may I be of service??? :)

2005-01-21 05:02:46 ET

the idea was to be something like a tribute to Charles Mingus (dl someof his stuff, he's a lil odd but good in the jazz). i dont have the skills yet to do justice on synth/keyboards yet :'(

2005-01-21 05:19:48 ET

.... what kind of country imposes restrictions on your number of instruments? LOL

2005-01-21 05:24:36 ET

klemmy: that would be cool -- very very cool.

subsonik: thats what Ive been asking myself -- you never know, I could have a bomb stuck inside of my acoustic guitar, because you know, I just hate my guitar that much.

2005-01-21 05:26:36 ET

prolly to stimulate the economy by making you buy instruments there.

Why didn't you just have it shipped to you UPS?

2005-01-21 05:29:05 ET

maybe. UPS?? I tried to send a snowglobe (plastic and small) to my boyfriends mom for christmas one year, they wanted over $100 for it. I love my viola alot, but not that much :-D

2005-01-21 05:33:53 ET

thanx. i came up with the idea a couple months ago after i heard some of his music done with a lot of rock musicians and i thought...what if he had synths and electronic instruments? then again, he was very much again electric amplification, but i see it more as if he had been born in the later part of the 20th century.

2005-01-21 05:34:03 ET

heheh yeah but it will get where it's going intact.

I'm spoiled. when I ship it's thru my company.

the record is paying $5000 to ship a server from MA to PA

2005-01-21 05:34:45 ET

might as well had u just drive it over there sub.

2005-01-21 05:35:49 ET

you would have to pay me way more than $5000 to get a server that far in 17 hours

2005-01-21 05:41:36 ET

evet tabiiki -- param yok dostum. bu hayatıma hoş geldin (yep of course -- and I have no money dude. this is my life welcome to it)


2005-01-21 05:44:08 ET

ah sonic air. Should make u be SoniK Jeep Lol. i dont think there's anyone on SK that isnt broke.

2005-01-21 05:45:06 ET


If a blinking yellow light entitled me to drive like the police I would ship packages like you read about!

2005-01-21 05:46:33 ET

but officer, this absolutely positively must be there 2 hours ago!

2005-01-21 05:48:02 ET

Actually in the next round of decommisions i will buy a silo and all the disarmed missles I can.

ICBM shipping!

2005-01-21 06:41:06 ET

i so want a silo for recording.

2005-01-21 08:48:58 ET


2005-01-24 11:00:49 ET

hey! welcome!

I spent a wonderful few days in Istanbul, about 12 years ago. Great town.

I loathe Bush--I might be the biggest Bush-hater on sk. Not sure.

I think that he should absolutely be held accountable for soldiers' shooting the heads off kids--he is the Commander in Chief and led the U.S. into a completely unnecessary war. At the very least, Rumsfeld should have been fired for the Abu Ghraib flap.

Uh...teshekkur ederim. That's all I remember. ;)

2005-01-24 11:32:12 ET

VAY BE!!! (heres some review for you because I havent done my Turkish writing pratice yet tonight for school)

İstanbul'a gittin mi??? Ne kadar güzel!!! Evet, İstanbul güzel bir şehir, ama ÇOKKKKK karıbalık.

Ben de Bush sevmiyorum -- hiç sevmiyorum. Savaş çok fena bir şey, ve çok üzgünüm. Normalde Türkiye'de insanlar bana "nereden geliyorsun?" diyorlar. Her zaman onlara "Amerika'dan geliyorum" dedim ve sonra onlardan bana "ahh, ne kadar güzel KÖPEK" dediler.

YOu went to Istanbul??? How wonderful!!!

I also dont like Bush -- really dont like Bush. War is really horrible thing, and I feel very sorry about it. Normally in Turkey people say to me "where are you from?". Everytime I say to them "Im from America" and later they say to me "ahh, how wonderful DOG".

They didnt really call me a dog, but you know that theyre all saying "right so get out of my country". I WAS spit at once by an old woman -- ends up it wasnt because Im American, but because my shirt was too tight. Thats what you get in a predominantly Islamic country I guess. :)

Alright sorry bout that -- Im a linguistical nerd. But thanks so much for the welcome!!!

Rica ederim (youre welcome -- you do realize you just said "thank you", right? ;))

2005-01-24 12:04:45 ET

I know...that's all I knew. ;)

Hey, is the 'I Kiss You!" guy still popular in Turkey? He was a fine bit of Internet loveliness.

No one spit on me in Turkey. My Armenian friend wasn't happy I went, though. !

2005-01-25 00:45:04 ET

hmmm I've never heard of the "I Kiss You" guy, Ill have to ask my boyfriend. Lucky you that you werent spit on -- it was an old lady in a small village, but still rude all the same.

I have an Armenian friend too! His name is Erdit and he's in my Turkish class. We cant speak much though because his Turkish is bad and my Armenian is worse. :)

2005-01-25 08:46:15 ET

I was just in Istanbul, and also Izmir. Mmmm...Izmir. I liked that town. A lot. Good people and good food.

2005-01-26 05:34:37 ET

Yeah, in Turkey, they say all the hott girls are born in İzmir.

LOL in my Turkish class, there are two of my friends named Ovic (from the Congo) and Antoine (from Seashells) and the first full sentence they learned how to make in Turkish was "İzmir'e gitmek istiyoruz" -- We want to go to Izmir. All for that very reason of course :)

2005-01-26 07:00:18 ET

i hear polland has a lot of nice looking ladies tooo.

2005-01-26 07:38:32 ET

Prague has nice looking ladies. So do a lot of parts of the world.

Hey, I just talked to a Turkish lady last night...small world, eh? :)

2005-01-27 02:31:53 ET

Watch out for Slovanians though (former Bosnia, Checloslovakia (sp))-- there are TONS of slovanian women here... they're all missing teeth, have over bleached hair, and shiny purple thongs hanging out of their pants, WITH ASS CLEVEAGE.

Yeah definately a small world! :)

2005-01-27 08:20:41 ET

I know a nice Slovenian girl who made it through the refugee camps and is dating a friend of mine. :)

so, what are some good pickup lines in Turkish? ;)

2005-01-27 10:45:52 ET

:) No offense to your friends girlfriend of course -- Im sure shes really nice. Hell, every country has skanks. I must of seen the skanky Slovanians.

Good pickup lines in Turkish.... hmmmm let me think.

"Memelerin istiyorum" would most definately grab some attention, especially if youre looking to get laid. Either that or "Sikim daha büyük".

Let's analyze!:

Meme|ler|in| ist|iyor|um
Tit | s |your|to want|am|I

Sik|im| daha büyük

Or, you could just go with the more conventional pickup line:

Ahh, gözlerin ne kadar güzel! (Goz-ler-iin nay kah-darr goo-zell)
Meaning, "How beautiful your eyes are!"

You have a Turkish girl or something??? I have a Turkish fiancé -- he's SUPER cool :)

2005-01-27 11:35:58 ET

'have'? more like 'talked to once on the phone'.

hmmm...Gözlerin ne kadar güzel! Umlauts make vowels the same as German?

2005-01-28 10:17:46 ET

ok, here's Turkish vowels for you (yeah, kinda like German):

ö - stick your tounge behind your bottom teeth and go "ohh"
ü - the same thing, except go "oooh"

GOHZ-layr-eeen NAY kah-DAR GOO-zeyl!

If I can get my hands on a microphone, Ill try and make a wave file of it for you. Its really simple actually, just looks complicated.

..and something REALLY handy to know "üzgünüm canım"

ooze-goon-oom jen-umm - Im sorry (üzgünüm) sweetie (canım)

add "benim" to the end of that and it becomes "Im sorry sweetheart" (ooze-goon-oom jen-umm ben-eem)

Anytime you need to know something in Turkish let me know

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