rock music club
2005-09-29 20:05:44 ET

Today I went to Fju Ji's rock music club's performance for the freshmen. The president blabbed away about the rules and equipment in the club, schedule of guitar lessons and all kinds of other lessons. It was long and very boring and it felt like we were taking a class. But I know that the president is a man with a good heart and that he is just trying to do his best to lead the club, even though he keeps stuttering (it's hard to believe he won best drummer in the Asia drummer contest). I was kind of surprised that there werent any funny people in the staffs. When I was in Neihus club it was stuffed with funny people who'd always make you laugh when they're explaining something serious, but here it's just.... Serious. I was also shocked at how few the staff numbers. In high school there were at least 15 or so (even though the numbers will rapidly decrease through out the school year according to conflicts that happen between the members), but here there's just like 6 or so, I suppose that's why I didn't feel the ˇ§big familyˇ¨ atmosphere you're supposed to get when you enter a club.

By the way I met a girl in my department who also intended to enter the rock music club so we made a deal to go to the show together. But when I arrived, I saw her sitting with two rows of boys and girls in our department, I felt a bit sad, I guess I wasn't the only one she made a deal with. There was no room for me so I sat in the very front row where no one sat ˇV which was very strange.

The performance was pretty good, but I didn't feel much, I guess part of it is because the amplify equipment wasn't very good and you can't quite hear the vocal's voice, but the main reason I think is because of the songs.... Bon Jovi/Queen style, speed metal, long guitar solos, they're very talented indeed, but the songs are just not listenable enough, it's nothing you can dance to.

After I got home and hooked up to my msn messenger, an annoying character popped up, the ex Neihu rock music club president. The boy is a rodent in disguise, he likes to test people through his words. I threw back some words disregard of his dignity (ex: rodent: man in the box by Alice In Chains has two guitars. Me: actually, it's three guitars). I was vice-president in our high school music club and my guitar techniques wasn't as good as him (but he wasn't really good either, which takes us to the conclusion that I sucked, real bad), partly because I rarely attended my guitar lessons and partly because I didn't have a very good teacher, so he really looks down on me, showing his disdain through words and metaphoric actions. He was so competitive, ill tempered, and full of jealousy that eventually all his band mates left him, which was a big laugh to me. I hope he doesn't attend the club but I guess it's inevitable since he's always wanted to be a celebrity.

2005-10-03 07:40:31 ET

Cool thing you're really into your music.
That club thing sounds cool, those do not exist around here, and im kind of stuck with what i know already, and have no money to pay a teacher... Hheh...

The SmashingP's song in the radio section isn't "bullet with butterfly wings"?

2005-10-04 07:06:14 ET

yikes! thank god you told me lol
even though i think rat in a cage would be a better song name :P
you don't hear bullets or wings in song and after the entire song all you remember is "rat in a cage"

clubs are okay, it's just a place to go when you're bored. the teachers are actually staff members who are only a year older than you, so i guess it's a good place to go to if you havent learnt the instrument before cause the club fare's way cheaper than getting a real teacher. i mainly go there cause you can meet people in bands and maybe hook up for a show:)

2005-10-04 07:16:24 ET

Hey after listening to it, the progression in the chorus is what stays in my head...
Taiwan... weird place to live?
I want to travel.

2005-10-09 09:20:25 ET

Taiwan is an island abundance of american, japanese, and chinese culture. so basically it's a pretty convenient place to live, i guess it's a good place for traveling( ? ) though lots of it is pretty poluted. i wouldn't recommend if you've just started to travel, the tourist system is no match against america, japan, or indonesia(i went there before, nice place), cause it's not a remote place neither is it a very rich or high-tech place.

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