2005-10-20 04:50:18 ET

the difficulty of making friends in college is that, nobody wants to stick around to get to know you. in high scool we have regular seats so people will HAVE to stick around even if they didn't want to. so you have to be either very loud, very good looking, very funny..... very outstanding to catch people's attention.....or is it? i don't know, i don't know these people, how do their minds work? i have no idea.
how do i become popular? i'm not asking for much, just let me have some friends to stick around with.....

2005-10-20 05:17:39 ET

i agree the forced proximity of highschool made making friends a lot easier. my new, post-highschool method is drugging people and tying them to a chair in my room. i like to call this technique "captive audience".

2005-10-20 05:35:45 ET

so how does your post-highschool method work?
care to share it with me?
i'm having a very hard time in college
i hate adapting to a new environmnet.....

2005-10-20 05:39:32 ET

actually what i did in college was get a job as a computer lab assistant so i had to socialise with other students a lot; i made a few good friends that way. quality is what's important, not quantity. you might want to look into employment at school.

2005-10-20 06:17:17 ET

what I did was made an account on myspace and then added my college to there and thats how I made most of my friends, or just started talking to someone as they were hurrying by to class, some of the guys would stop and talk back for a little while, hence making us both late for class but friends anyway.

I also go out dancing at the club and ive made oodles of friends that way...

2005-10-20 06:58:49 ET

Defektiv Unit: very interesting, there're also many jobs in our school, i think i'll give it a try, thanks:)

AnTi-LaCi: unfortunately myspace isn't popular in Taiwan...... but i do think i'll start talking to people more often, even if i'm afraid that my words may bore them.... i've never been to a club before, not a dancing one anywayz, and i doubt that any of my classmates goes to clubs either..... but i guess that's a good way to make friends too....

2005-10-20 07:57:09 ET

Yeah... I don't have many friends from school that go to the club, only like 2... but i have lots of friends at the club that work and stuff... its fun.

2005-10-21 09:48:30 ET

Yeah, It is hard.
In my last college I knew people because we went to the same places, liked the same bands, got drunk at the same spots... So I met more people thanks to them.
But since I moved up here, its been fucking hard. I get to class, I pay attention, I leave. Anyway looks like theres nobody interesting there. Except maybe the weird metalheads that keep asking me to play with them, even if ive told them several times that i really dont like heavy metal and i dont listen to megadeth.

Stick to your friends outside college.
Dont think youre the problem. Maybe its them.
Selfish, but makes it more bearable.

2005-10-21 14:13:45 ET

Friends just drag you down especially if they have different ambitions. Or worse, the same ambitions, and you end up rivals, shooting out in an alleyway, then getting up close and personal with knives once you've run out of bullets.

By then they are a part of you, and cutting into them is as bad as cutting into yourself... but you only realize this once the blade has cut clean and their blood is pilling over all over the pavement leaving you screaming at the rain filled sky "POR QUE DIOS!?"

Then the reality sets in and you know without a doubt that you killed your friend for drug money and he was trying to do the same to you.



Don't listen to me, I am just a bitter old man. Just don't be shy and try to talk to someone.

2005-10-24 07:45:40 ET

AnTi-LaCi: yeah i'm sure its fun :), i myself am going to my first trip to a "dancing" club this holloween ::excited::

hardskapunk: well i guess we're on the same boat, but thats cool that someone wanted you in a band, you must be really good. i keep in touch with my highschool/out of school friends, but i'm not sure how long it'll last, since everyone's got their own business and their own life.....everyone except me -_-

The Great Mew-Ta: lol that's some edgy opinion you got there XD hope i don't have to worry about drug money in the future :P trying all the best to talk to people now by the way.... thanks

2005-10-24 08:01:49 ET

Im excited for you, I can't wait to get on the floor in a costume and shake my tail feathah

2005-10-24 10:28:05 ET

Everyone's life is as interesting to them as yours is to you.
Since everything in this subject comes from a comparative kind of speech, I guess we'll be searching answers for a while.

2005-10-30 08:34:45 ET

AnTi-LaCi: came back from the pub, it was fascinating:D i didn't dress in any costumes but i got some black arm warmers and clothes and a choker for a touch of goth..... and you're right, i did meet some friends, even though i doubt i'll see them in campus....

hardskapunk: lol you're getting all philosophical again
but it's interesting that you say that "everyone's life is as interesting to them as yours is to you", cause in my opinion, everyone else's life is far more interesting than mine -- at sk at least, and i ogle over their sex-fused lives and extreme hair-styles while i key in my pathetic rants of bordism.
anywayz, good luck on making friends, i hope you'll find someone interesting in campus, interesting people attract interesting friends:)

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