i'm a normal human worm baby
2005-11-16 08:49:49 ET

had been very busy. november is a very busy month.

our band has lots of gigs on december, so we have to practice alot this month, and also next month is our department's formal dance and i'm in charge of the music. unfortnately this month is also midterm month. all the exams are seperated around the month. it's very annoying. i don't understand why we have to still take classes regulary on midterm week. other departments get their day off when it's midterm week. why not us? oh but the most unfortunate is that i just downloaded the complete series of invader zim. i can't keep my eyes off of them. i can put off everything just to watch them; i have no heart to study nor to practice guitar -- which is really really really bad, especially on such a time that requires my full focus on time management and getting things accomplished. also i think my roomate is getting mad from constatnly hearing zim's continuous malicious laughings. i make a bad choice for a roommate.

man i'm going down fast. i don't even want to talk about it. unfinished tasks are begining to look like a can of meat that was stuck in the frige for too long and nobody has the guts to open it anymore.

i am definitely failing pe and military and introduction to college and computer. all very pointless classes. it's very hard to show up, especially when they're all scheduled at 8 in the morning. it's a big temptation to skip. and of course with so much stuff to do their assignments are reasonably the last things i'd work on. the meat has definitely developed into various intelligent lifeforms. ugh.

the candy wine gig wasn't as great as i thought it should be. one thing was that standing next to us was an old hobo who stank of piss. but there wasn't any other place that has a good view. watching cute girls play guitar while sniffing wafts of ammonia... i don't know.... it just seems so WRONG. desecration, almost. also the girls themselves werent so good either. they spent alot of time fixing the guitar tones but when they played the main guitar and bass were too quiet. they lead singer had an annoying voice and accent. she doesn't sound like a Taiwanese; more like from hongkong or something, and her face reminded me of a girl in highschool. i wasn't exactly crazy over her. so there.

one good thing in this month is that i seem to slightly blend in the croud a bit (i think), or at least i'm not so shy anymore. there's this girl who invited me to have lunch with her friends last week and we had a pretty hearty chat. i haven't had those conversations with another human being for years. it made me feel like i was really alive. but now don't have much time for human relationships. one is because i'm very busy (or ought to be) right now and two: i'm feeling the recluse again. it happens every month. oh well.

2005-11-16 09:12:29 ET

hopefully you'll find it in you to finally throw away the old meat in the fridge. By that I mean get things done. ;)

2005-11-16 18:40:56 ET

lol i hope so too :)

2005-11-17 08:20:19 ET

i haven't had those conversations with another human being for years. it made me feel like i was really alive. but now don't have much time for human relationships. <-- Good, you have no need of those stinking humans anyways.

2005-11-18 09:14:06 ET

yeah, wouldn't it be nice if you didn't need them one way or another?
then again it's not so bad to have them around
but if you don't have them around and the tide of lonliness sets in... its hell (to me)

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