do not disturb the vibe.....
2005-11-18 08:55:06 ET

a conversation that happened during my english conversation midterm exam:

professor: hello, how are you today?
me: ......fine?
p: so.... do you have any tests after this one today?
me: no, but i've got something more important than tests
p: oh? may i ask what that is?
me: MY BAND!!!!!!! (roars)


today is the second time our band practices. we only did some covers; tsunami bomb, deep purple, the riff randels.... and suprisingly kittie's brackish was the most successful one. at first i was totally pissed off when i found out that Joe brought a flock of friends with her in to the room. i still am. i believe that when a band practices it's not just instruments and vocals jamming together, it's about people's vibes mingling and dancing together, and making time together. i understand that she has her own lots of worlds and she probablly wants to show one lot to another, probably out of vain..... or something. but when there's another person around it disturbs the vibe (DO NOT DISTURB THE VIBE!!), and i think it is rather disrespectful of her to laugh and chat with her friends when others are discussing the chords. her soul is not here, it's there with those larc~en~ciel geek friends. hasn't she spent enough time with them already? would it hurt to make a little time with US? ARE WE TOO UNWORTHY OF HER ATTENTION?? in the end my eyebrows were crinkled and twitching. we are not a stable band yet. our new drummer is better than anything we can imagine; both character and skill. we have to bond her with straps of affection and care so she won't slip away. we've already lost a bassist, we can't afford to see another partner go. but fin is busy and we never had a chance to really hang out with each other. except one time when me and joe and her went to joe's house and watched velvet goldmine (god, what a lousy experience). the only time we get to smother fin with friendliness is during our practices, but......

fortunately joe's friends left during the break and we were allowed to continue in peace. i did brackish's back up vocals; it seemed utterly embarassing when i was practicing alone in my house but when everyone was slamming it didn't sound funny at all (or at least i though it wasn't, though everybody kept laughing during the process:P)

i'm pretty pressured at this moment. cause when we were with our former drummer it was fairly satisfying to just do cover songs; it took long hours to perfect one due to lack of skills and we got lots of praises from the audience. now it is all too easy. fin is too good. we stuffed so many songs we did in the past and she just learnt all of them in a month, and she plays it twice as better as our former drummer. it makes you think: what the hell were we doing in high school? anyways, we've got to start writing our own songs, cause it would be more challenging for her. i intend to do so in the first place; we can't do cover songs all our lives. that sucks. but even though i wrote a song or two in the past, it still lacks depth. i need to learn more to compose a better song; in the mean time, all the songs i write right now suck. a pathetic combination of power chords and single notes. lack of depth and skill. i want to write profound songs with lots of different kinds of chords. i'm now practicing fingerstyle and hope i could use some of that in my songs, but i'm afraid of how long that would take. what would we do in the mean time? my plan was to launch our creations right after we find our crew. we're far behind progress. damn.....

2005-11-28 09:47:28 ET

Did you cover The Invasion Within? THat's my favorite Tsunami Bomb song.

2005-11-29 07:11:55 ET

Music is the worse of all addictions.

2005-11-30 07:22:03 ET

lol no invasion with requires a keyboard which we don't have though i liked that song too.... we did say it if you mean it:)

i'm busting my ass practicing now, cause we have to pass an audition to get onstage.... curse you deep purple!!!!

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