Common theme    2012-03-14 23:20:30 ET
I'm jobless, again. This time I'm not nearly as stressed out about it, though. I figure I'd rather take this time to find some things out about myself rather than stress about whether or not I have lots of money. (I get by on temp work and a med study I'm doing, so, I'm not rich by any means, but I still have a roof over my head.)

I recently started writing pitches for trying to get something published through them. I sort of stumbled into it, actually. I was reading an article on the site and saw their link to do Photoshop stuff for the site, so I started doing that and then to kill time started browsing around to see what other stuff they needed. I guess they let just about anyone write for them. As long as you're factual and funny at the same time, they'll take it.

It's weird because I've never thought of myself as a very strong writer or very funny, but this is sort of cool for me. For one, no one has asked me to leave yet for being unbearably awful AND I'm actually having a ton of fun doing it.

This is what I meant by finding some things out about myself. I had no idea that thinking of entertaining ways to present information was something I'd enjoy doing. Even the research is fun, there is so much weird shit that exists and I get to spend my days finding out about it and then making jokes at it's expense.

The downside is that I want to be proud of myself for taking this on, but the reality is anyone (literally anyone with access to internet) can do what I'm doing. I haven't gotten anything accepted yet. Granted, I just started, so anything is possible, but I don't have anything to actually be proud of except the fact that I found a new hobby.

Alright, I'm just rambling. I'm going to read this in a year and wonder why I rambled so much back then.

If anyone decided to read this, I also wrote this about moonshine.

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