The Leash Theory    2009-01-23 21:39:40 ET
When you begin to date, like or love someone it almost seems like there is an invisible leash tied to your neck. You can't feel it or see it but the people around you can definitely tell it's there. I know I recently fell victim to this and I am actually really ashamed for it. I guess I get that people can't help it but if you are truly the independent rebel-punk-asshole you make yourself out to be (and I do) that shit shouldn't affect you.
Here are the leashes powers:
First: the leash can never exist to you. no matter how many people tell you it's there, you'll never catch on.
Second: everything the person on the other side of the leash does is god-sent.
Third: The leash constantly directs your attention to the person on the other end. Even when it may seem like you are focused on something else, you never really are.
Fourth, and final: The leash is all knowing. Both people attached to the leash have flaws and insecurities. The leash will eat at these things until the only people you can trust is one another. This is called Love.
Now, don't get me wrong here, I do believe true love exists and I do believe that everyone deserves to be happy. I just can't wrap my brain around this one crippling detail that none of us seem capable of avoiding.
point being, if you know the secret of the leash or want to shed some light, please god feel free.

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