Things that may or may not have happened on halloween
2009-11-04 08:28:47 ET

zach and the big daddies played.
We consumed 30 gallons of beer, and 10 liters of hard liquor.
we had a snowball fight.
really hot chicks made out in my hallway.
Black hawks played.
one of those really hot chicks passed out and puked on everything in my bedroom.
bombs blast showed up at 10am...drunk.
there were trannies.
bombs blast played.
many things were lost.
we put two steaks on the grill and forgot about them til about 4am. christian then tried to eat the steaks.
Ska skank redemption played.
several people inhaled one form of nitrate gas or the other.
there were chips and dip.
3grams over an oz played.
people went missing.
tank girl crowdsurfed in the living room.
someone kicked a hole in the wall.
someone else (actually, several someone elses) took it upon themselves to make it bigger.
The A-ok's Played.
there was a disturbing amount of blood and vomit in the back yard.
someone died.
the microwave got thrown into the trash.
we went to guitar center with zombie makeup on to look for drum heads.
The Heat Machine played.
There was public nudity and sex.
Alyssa got thrown through a wall.
we had taquitos.
there were no trick-o-treaters.
Stab crew played instead of five o'clock nowhere.
There was a giant barrel of candy.
the party-goers arrived late friday night and left late sunday morning.
Someone broke the sink.
Eastern Turkish played.
We had to stop someone from peeing on dick cheney.
Dick Cheney was gaurding the bathroom.
A fire was started in the back yard.
The Ruckus played.
Snow white was hairy.
All glass bottles were disposed of in the bathtub.
People were breaking cinderblocks on the tv.
There is 1950's newspaper lining the mirror in the bathroom.
I know, because someone broke that, too.
The cops were never called.

keep in mind, this is in no particular order... and that all of it is true.

2009-11-04 15:28:59 ET

sounds like a good time!

2009-11-27 18:11:22 ET

public sex and fire in the back yard? when the hell did that happen... where was i.. i was sober

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