it is official.
2003-04-14 12:26:32 ET

he has lost his rivet permit. the poor boy forgot the lyrics to headhunter and basically forgot wumpscut existed. so, because of this tragedy I have decided to convert him into a skagoth so he can be just like me and I can be trendy!:)

I have a really bad headache. pity me.

2003-04-14 12:46:07 ET

Skagoth! This is great!

2003-04-14 14:21:27 ET

Skagoth, Tiffa... you so crazy!

2003-04-14 14:42:11 ET

:skanks and pouts:

2003-04-15 12:32:37 ET

*BEAM* you know you love it!

2003-04-16 11:16:48 ET

tiffa, you need to come on aim more, i have not talked to you in AGES

2003-04-17 08:38:04 ET

I will, eventually. but for right now I cannot get on aim. I have yahoo though. the name is c4ll10p3 if you REALlY wanna talk. BLAH! Im sick.

2003-04-20 15:05:18 ET

ok, when i get home i will talk to ya on yahoo

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