2005-09-09 20:56:43 ET

The saki sampler was not a good idea tonight...

total of eight 8oz bottles of different types of saki plus the sushi sampler does not work well with old man stomach...

2005-09-09 20:58:54 ET

oO! ickyness

2005-09-10 02:42:07 ET

that does sound like a recipe for instant stomach destruction...

2005-09-12 20:44:57 ET

i have really great recipes for saketinis if you and your stomach become friends again...

2005-09-13 17:30:16 ET

Do tell I'd love some of those recipes.

2005-12-18 02:58:21 ET

ulg.... thats making me ill just thinking about it, but I'm a light-weight. I'll take the sushi, the saki is all you

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