2006-03-05 19:42:56 ET

Ok, so I went to the Irish festival since well, im Irish. Now, i havent been in a few years and last I remember it was the North Texas Irish Music Festival. Apparently not anymore.

I used to go to have some drinks, eat some food, and listen to music. I supposed you can still do that, but now you have to wade through armies of Ren Faire people, boothes selling kilts, corny new age hippy crap, and sword shops.

A few music vendors, some celtic inspired art and a ton of bands, thats what it should be. Not a ren faire. Jesus h Christ, what the hell do people dressed up like knights, medieval royalty, and wizards have to do with Ireland. For fucks sake I grew up there and go back almost yearly and, aside from museums, never saw a knight. Its 2006 not 1006.

It needs to be what it was, music. Not another excuse for rennies to dress up and play middle ages.

Anyway, I did see a few good bands, had some food, and got drunk.

2006-03-05 20:56:15 ET

.... when the local Irish festival turns into a ren faire around here, there will be many new fans of ren faires XD

for the most part Boston Irish (irish descended etc) are the laid back sort =p

"lubricate" a bit and realise that the wierd people dressed in those crazy clothes are, in fact, 'normal' and then join them in reveling!

2006-03-05 21:18:19 ET

stated better than my knee jerk reaction to hippy haters

2006-03-05 23:15:29 ET

Speaking as a man who can trace his family back to county Cork, BOOYAH!

2006-03-06 04:42:24 ET

haha.. 1006..

2006-03-06 04:55:42 ET

Matt, I dont hate hippies. I also dont dislike rennies, have many friends that are into that stuff and after hours, those faires have some of the hook parties.

I just felt that the whole point of what used to me a culture and music festival was being diluted by to much wildly unrelated stuff.

Slide, Cork is a nice area, you should get over there and visit if you havent.

I was born in Omagh, otherwise know as sniper alley and bloody Omagh. Grew up in Belfast to age 10. My family goes back to the Kerry area and the southwestern part of the country, back to about 800 ad as far my mother could track.

2006-03-07 04:58:19 ET

wow, most people dont know their family history like that.. the only thing my family knows is that w're from Florida.. ehh.

2006-03-07 05:07:05 ET

Mexacans know there ancestry

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