first dayer
2004-11-05 08:50:21 ET

Hey everyone Im new .. this is my first day so far.. how do like my page and pics?
"anybody there.... hello.... hellooo. :::cries::: im all alone... where'd they go?"

2004-11-05 08:51:15 ET


you are a sketch godess.
I look forward to seeing more of you

2004-11-05 08:54:38 ET

AAWWWW thank you ... like your bullets

2004-11-05 08:55:42 ET

Welcome to SK. We are all ears hear, literally. I wear them on my neck as trophies. No really best advice givers in the world heh

2004-11-05 08:56:18 ET

ROFL yeah I need a new avatar.

but hey you figured it out fast. most people think its a battery or sumthin

azmodan- I wear my sting of ears around my waist. give me nice stats when mixed with this demonhide

2004-11-05 09:00:43 ET

The only reason i knew what it was is because antipathy is sitting next to me and she looked it up in your gallery ... i never would have figured it out to tell the truth

2004-11-05 09:03:31 ET

oh LOL hehehe

yeah actually it took some people up to a year to figure it out. just never occured to check the gallery

2004-11-05 09:05:18 ET

yeah antipathy is a smart one... at times

2004-11-05 09:05:58 ET

She just said "wait a minute...." guess shes pritty fast after all....

2004-11-05 09:09:46 ET

hahaha 40 seconds later LOL

2004-11-05 09:29:47 ET

Welcome to sk!

I'm a good listener, if you ever feel the need.

2004-11-05 11:13:32 ET


2004-11-05 16:03:35 ET

welcome to the sk :::bows::: :-) hope ya enjoy your stay... tighten your seat belts...
incase of a wreck... stick your head between your knees and take long deep breathes :-) (it always works for me anyhow)

2004-11-05 16:18:17 ET

I also hate it when they say cutting is just for attention.

and welcome to sk.

2004-11-06 16:21:12 ET

heyo- what up? welcome to sk.

2004-11-06 16:48:17 ET

gah I am always late... welcome to sk!!

2004-11-06 17:26:18 ET

hey hello :o

2004-11-06 19:16:15 ET

welcome to SK! we're made of nothing besides ears and pair of hands for typing!

2004-11-07 14:09:00 ET

AAAwww yall are so sweet thanks everyone i feel so welcomed

2004-11-10 08:51:08 ET

welcome to sk!!! hope you enjoy it as much as i do.

2004-11-10 11:42:49 ET

i already injoy it

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