more poetry
2004-11-08 13:13:33 ET

I fall to the ground as the world leaves me
the floor begins to rise and i see it clearly
my head is aching and my eyes lose site
as i stand up straight and try to fight
when i hit the ground i touch a star
but when i get back up i find a scar

update: my moms cat farted and she had to let it out,
my mom "theyll explode if they dont"

2004-11-13 19:30:25 ET

no name for this poem?

2004-11-15 11:22:18 ET

not yet

2004-11-15 17:49:35 ET

How about "Fall abd Stand"?
just an idea.

2004-11-17 12:15:49 ET

"fall and stand", "scarful stars" i once named a poem ceaser salad because i couldnt think of a name and i refuse to change names, because i have so many copies of them in different places that it confuses me if i change one and not the rest
and if i change all of the copies as well it takes about an hour to find all of them and then an hour to put them back when im done
so oh well

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