damn photoshop
2004-11-10 07:53:53 ET

im about to cry ... actually im about to cry again
i did this assignment twice already and it wont save the right way....
im not ganna do it again.. i forgot to take my medicine this morning and im crying and laughing at the same time. one tear now. antipathy is making me cry.. she keeps telling me i have to do it again.... ha ha i made her tooth hurt because i made her laugh. i shouldnt be posting anything right now because my pchitzophranic shit might come out

2004-11-10 09:49:50 ET

If you need any photoshop help, I might be of some assistance.

2004-11-10 11:39:49 ET

no i just need to throw the school computer at another school computer and watch it burn is all
no biggy

2004-11-10 12:23:31 ET

:-P, I think we've all been there

2004-11-10 12:28:12 ET

im about to throw this computer out the window too
i cant do anything on this thing
i cant even edit py mage
hell i cant even get to my page

2004-11-10 12:30:01 ET

"I've gotten better IM's from a drunken monkey"
great audible by the way

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