2004-11-10 08:02:02 ET

im laughing my ass off at nothing. im making funny noises and shit and im laughing at myself
how do you spell this noise huyt
im laughing my ass off and im sayign "this is sad" and im "crying"
oh my god this is so sad

2004-11-10 11:30:47 ET

hahaha you're too much...
laughing and crying... i can't say i've ever done that before... but it seems like it's worth trying :-)

2004-11-10 11:38:57 ET

hahaha thanks

2004-11-10 11:39:26 ET

anytime :::bows:::

2004-11-10 11:56:56 ET

I laugh and cry at the same time all the time! :)

2004-11-10 12:10:28 ET

i only do it if i dont take my meds ha ha ha and my aunt just noticed i didnt take them ha ha ha

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