its a ing box
2004-11-13 13:49:54 ET

this thing in front of me is just a box. i cant get anything done on this thing, i mean its taken me i 20 kazillion tries just to get to my page, i cant edit anything, i dont have photoshop, ive got nikon view 6 doesnt do . well let me refrase that all it does is takes out red eye, and it doesnt do . i want to fix this background but i cant do it here, i have a box to work with at home. i mean its about as reliable as a broken disk. you cant do anything with it except throw it out the window. i swear to god if this was my computer i would beak the out of it. aaahh anyway now that im down bitching i have to say that i found out yesterday that this guy i like is planning on going to the same college as me. Savanna College of Art and Design. yesterday when i talked to him he told me he was packing to go tour the college so of course i said "dude you gotta talk me with you" (sigh) he just laughed a little and said he had to pack. oh well im going to savanna on December 4th for a presentation thingy they have. its got portfolio counseling and stuff aaaaahhhh my foots asleep dont move it dont move it aahhh i moved it ooowwwieee that hurt (tear and sad face)

2004-11-13 13:54:23 ET

I know how you feel, my old computer was exactly like that! (maybe they're related. Yours isn't a Comcrap (Compaq), is it?)

2004-11-13 13:56:02 ET

its a micrap oh scuse me micron pc of crap

2004-11-13 13:57:22 ET

they prolly are relatedmade in the stupid factory along with boys (according to David & Goliath)

2004-11-13 14:01:35 ET


2004-11-13 14:23:32 ET

im wearing a pair of pants that say boys are stupid throw rocks at them, with a picture.
grrr this computers messin up again

2004-11-13 15:59:02 ET


This computer that I have now had a bunch of viruses a while back, which made things incredibly difficult and annoyingly slow, but I fixed it, and it's better now. Is there any chance that yours has viruses?

2004-11-13 19:50:06 ET

It could be viruses, spyware, or too many programs installed (and running).

2004-11-15 11:24:49 ET

it did have a virus but my dad said he fixed it a few of days ago
it was still being a pain on saturday and sunday

2004-11-23 11:06:38 ET

its the parental blocks that keep me from being able to go anywhere at all... but now i have disabled cybersitter and i can go anywhere mua ha ha ha ha

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