will it work?
2004-11-23 10:58:54 ET

aaawww the kitty loves the girl, and protects the girl.... isnt it cute

2004-11-23 10:59:18 ET

it worked mua ha ha ha ha
i inserted a picture mua ha ha ha ha im brilliant (thanks to antipathy)
but still mua ha ha ha ha

2004-11-23 11:14:12 ET

hahaha... yea it's quite cute...

2004-11-23 11:18:16 ET

thank you i found it at allposters.com a year ago and saved it to my favorites along with many others which are cluttering up my computer

2004-11-23 11:26:37 ET

yea... i know how it goes... i'm not much of an image junky, but have more mp3s then i could probably ever listen 2

2004-11-23 11:28:43 ET

i cant get to any of my mp3s i should probably look into that
but then again i downloaded them all before they declared it illegal

2004-11-23 11:45:44 ET

crazy... yea i still download... but ehhh...
uhm... maybe if you go to your search file or folders area... you could possibly search mp3
and see if anything happens

2004-11-23 11:54:41 ET

ill try that in a sec first i have to figure out why this one image keeps showing up giagant and how to change it
hhmm think think think ow hhhmm ow

2004-11-23 11:58:59 ET

hahaha... i can't remember how to resize

2004-11-23 12:00:27 ET

hahaha... thats all i had to do and i didnt know it
i thought it was the size i wanted it but i was the size it showed up as. so i used Paint to resize it

2004-11-23 12:00:43 ET

that's cool

2004-11-23 12:01:34 ET

i wish i had photoshop but i dont
thats why antipathy and i do most of our pictures and stuff at school ... they have photoshop

2004-11-24 09:17:10 ET

That's an adorable picture.

2004-11-24 11:04:01 ET

i thought so too... it makes me smile

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