2004-11-23 11:41:12 ET

they arent as good as, this place is much better- faster, and everything is better, dont know how else to say it other than saying i think sucks, but that wouldnt be very nice now would it, so i wont say it. here you can change things to fit your liking and/or personality and its more exclusive and know people here. ive technically been a member of since june 6th 2004 but i havent really done anything with it. i went back just a little while ago and realized that i was stoned when i found out about it and that is why i got an account there. they have nothing compaired to

just to let yall know.
oh oh look what i can do

i can insert images ... im so excited but you cant tell because your over there

2004-11-23 21:13:21 ET

I remember I was also interested in joining vampire freaks once, but also opted better for
Yes, we're allowed to insert images here, and more stuff, see list of what we can do here.

2004-11-24 11:01:57 ET


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